Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time Out for a SL Lunch

Us girls (Karen, Detra, Me & TRA, top left pic) decided to take a nice little lunch today and have some down time by treating ourselves to some good ole PF Chang.

It was a blast, we just could not help ourselves, the minute we sat down we started chatting as if we've known each other for years and years. I felt so at home with them, it's like an extenstion of blood sisters.

Anyway, we talked about family, telecommunication industry (we also have careers in common), gave advice to one another, discussed what we need to do to get ourselves in shape (exercise - ugh!), New York trip plans (Detra's working those reservations), how addicted we are to blogging & reading everyone else's blogs (daily), laughed, joked and of course discussed our favorite subject.... SISTERLOCKS!
Thanks for the enjoyable time today ladies!!!! If lunch can be this much fun, I can only imagine how much fun we'll have taking a bite out of the Big Apple!

I included the pic below because it shows my newly cut locs styled with my brand new Soft Spikes, thanks Detra for sneaking this pic in on me. Of course, the curls are not as tightly curled as I would desire because I ordered the large ones for growth use later on. It would probably look better once I wash and curl immediately afterwards instead of curling on four day old washed hair. At any rate, I like it for now!
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Tra's Microbraidlocks said... girl I know you had to be doing this update at work I sure didn't expect it to here so fast.

I had such a good time with you guys that my head was hurting from laughing and smiling.

Jena Evans said...

Ya'll just looking too cuteeee!!! Warms ma' heart to see you having a good time in sisterlockhood! I'm smiling: )...



Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Oh yes, I took myself a little break and did this post. Kinda like when Bernie Mac from the Kings of Comedy says, "Anybody seen Johnny?" LOL!

Maryee said...

Awww shucks!! Now ya'll know Jen and I would have made the hike to gather with the sistas in the big DFW! Please don't forget us next time. :-) Glad ya'll had a wonderful time!!!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Gurrrrl, I am so sorry for not including ya'll. We're all in the local area and decided to hang out for a little lunch. I promise, next time we'll holler at ya'll.


Maryee said...

Thanks Sis!!

Grinning from ear to ear!! Living in Waco, we are VERY open to road trips!!! LOL

Detra said...

I had so much fun today LaChanda, and thanks to all of you, for waiting on my lost butt! LOL...I love that pic of you because, it truly shows how GREAT your hair looks now that you have cut it. When I saw you, I was like WOW...LaChanda has sisterLOCKS!!!!

coco_btrfly said...

You all look beautiful. LaChanda, I'm loving your new "do".


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Coco, thanks girl, I'm enjoying the no fuss ends the most.

kemicutie said...

You guys look fabulous! It's so nice to have such a support system of ladies with similar interests get together and have a good time. It's all love!

brunsli said...

Lunch looks like such fun!

Who knew blogging could be addictive??

Your Soft Spike look is really cute. :)

Jazzilocs said...

You ladies look lovely!! Wish I was there and y'all are at my favorite restaurant, too :)

Naturalist1 said...

I lovin the new hair style.:)

andrea said...

I love the hair, and the luncheon.

I myself was so ready to cut the straggling ends...freedom!!!

Leighann said...

Well now. I guess I could have used my frequent flyer miles to stop in for lunch.... :-) Y'all look fabulous! I love this Sisterlocks Sisterhood!

LaChanda your locks are looking good! I like the look with the Soft Spikes too!

Sister-in-Locks said...

Ya know you got me hooked on this blogging thing. My husband is looking at me crazy. I meant to tell you I loved the head band that you wore during the luncheon. The curls also. I received my spikes the very next day. And you have re-tigghtened again. I'd better get on it.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

LOL!!!!! I know, same here I had withdrawals last
night and did not login cause my hubby was looking at me crazy, he wanted to watch Me & Mrs. Smith and I
wanted to update my blog! I gave in, I usually get on
when he's watching a game or something, we can't let
this blog stuff mess up our wonderful marriages.

I retightened mine on Friday during my six hour drive home to Louisiana. It's great cause I arrived with a fresh retightened head. My family still does not like it though, they did not even acknowledge my hair...accept for one of my dear sweet sisters. She's thinking about SL's cause she hates doing her hair.


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

We'll have to let you know about our lunch plan in advance next time.

We'd love to have ya!!

funmi said...

Hi Lachanda,

Did you cut your locks yourself? How did you go about it. I am Sl'd 14 months and seriously considering trimming some of my dangly ends. Did you experience any unravelling when you snipped your ends? I want your feedback before I do something I might regret : )

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Hello Funmi,
Oh no I did'nt, Gigi, my consultant acutally did my first real layered cut. Yes, I did experience some unraveling but not too bad to notice. I later cut some of the ends myself.

Since I went cut crazy I made myself a promise to stay scissor free for at least a year. Please see your consultant before you start cutting. :)