Sunday, December 04, 2005

DFW SL Brunch "My Guests"

OK, I'm back! We opened with introductions and everyone had an exciting story about their "Natural Journey." I invited my niece who is really considering locking her hair, she is a high school Senior and is totally infatuated with BlaqKofi’s Sisterlocks. I believe Narissa has seen every Sisterlock blog and Fotki album out there and she is ready to save and get the party started before heading off to college.

I also brought a friend, Thomasa, who has been natural for two years and after spending the evening with everyone she was ready for Gigi to start hers right on site at BlaqKofi’s house! I’m sure we can all relate to having to wait for that install appointment! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your niece, Narissa! She was wonderful and inspiringly free. I hope all goes forward with both her and Thomasa with Sisterlocks.

Peace and love,