Saturday, December 30, 2006

It was a family affair!

I was able to get together with my sister & brother in Lake Charles, LA for some family fun at the local bowling alley.

Yes, I'm the oldest of the bunch and very opinionated with each of my siblings. Well, we all are for that matter, it's in the blood line and we just can't help ourselves.

Had a great competative time hanging with my people!! Ohhh I'm getting homesick again! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

True Locked Sisters

Here we are after the locking session in front of Mrs Dee's Kumquat fruit tree. We love thumb Kumquats and the tree produces small, edible fruits that look similar to oranges. The fruits are extremely juicy and tasty and usually have a sweet outer skin accompanied by a tart, inner flesh.

When I'm at home.....I'm-at-home, no makeup, I wear jeans, jogging suits and gym shoes everyday. We just chill all day at my sister's house, visit family members and eat everything we can possibly think about.

I enjoyed the time with my sister and what was really funny was that her hubby, my brother out-law (lol) kept threatening me about locking "my" sisters hair. MrsDee gave him stare downs and told him when he cuts his ponytail (after 23 years of marriage) she might listen to what he has to say. Of course, it was all in fun but I know deep in his heart he did not want my sister locked until........he saw the finished product!!

Here's her before picture and my brother out-law loved her natural and did not want to see it go away!

Oh my goodness, when we were done he kept touching and saying to her "I like it", "it really looks good!" And certainly, Beignet & Praline were her biggest fans! She was done with her journey to lockdom, now she's on her journey to maturity!

I'm getting homesick again.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My "Blood" Sister is Locked!!

First, can you guess what these two are???

They are two of my favorite Louisiana treats and since I went home for the holidays I ate like a fat pig!!

Yep, I said it and had a jolly good time doing it.

Picture on the left is Turkey Boudin and the pic to the right is my Mom's homemade Pralines (pecan candy). I can't blog about all of my favorites but I wanted to share these two with my blog family. Talk about good!

Also, good lock news, while home I locked my blood sister Mrs Dee using the Nappy tool. I know some people say we look nothing alike but guess what that's ok we are still sisters and I love her dearly. Why don't we favor each other? Let me explain, I am the only child from my mother's first marriage and later my Mom remarried and had three children with her second husband who also raised me. I always say I got the best of both worlds mom, dad's family and my step-father's family. We blend very well.

It took us 13 hours over a two day period and she was excited the entire time. MrsDee (my sister) has been waiting for a year to get her locks, she cut off all of her perm and grew out her natural hair. She also has Lupus so the medication sometime takes a toll on her but she was determined to do her thing. She has 309 locks and her gray hair shines through nicely.

Right now she is working on creating her blog so I'll be informing you all as soon as she is ready to publish it.

Hey, did I mention how much I love Louisiana and my Locks???? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 21, 2006

SL Holiday Visit

We were having a hard time dealing with the fact that we would not see each other until Martin Luther King Birthday gathering in Waco, TX that will be hosted by Jen and Maryee. So.....we decided to get together for a quick visit.

TRA, Blaqkofi and I settled on dinner at Brooklyn's and a BLAST we had!! Those two ladies are soooooo funny and I realized that Sisterlocks have given me exposure to some of the the most beautiful people that I now call my friends! Inside and out, they are wonderful to hang with..............

Thanks ladies for the fab-u-lous time hanging out for the holidays!!!!! Laughter is life.....Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 18, 2006

Golf Banquet - Congratulations Roux!

During our annual Golf Christmas Banquet this past weekend our very own Roux won the "Leadership Award" for the Male 13 + age group.

Had to give a shout out!

Praline did well also, she and Roux's (they play on separate teams) team tied for 1st in the Scramble the weekend before.

The young lady in the middle, is 15 years old and was the leader for Praline's team during the Scramble. She's a great player and won the opportunity to play at Pebble Beach along with Tiger Woods niece this summer!

Roux working on his swing!

We'd like to especially thank Coach Chuck for all of his dedication and committed hard work to our Dallas area The First Tee of Dallas Program"!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Festival of Lights

I'm just now recovering from our fun filled weekend in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Last weekend opened the 80th Christmas Festival, my sister and her family met us there to celebrate the occasion.

If you've never heard of or been to Natchitoches, LA, (pronounced Nak-a-tish) it is the oldest French Settlement in Louisiana and the town where my great-grandfather was born and raised. It is also famous for the filming of Steel Magnolia as discussed in my previous post on my Louisiana heritage.

After the fabulous firework showcase the entire streets and town along Cane River lights up with all kinds of creative lighting. There are over 250,000 people everywhere, live band, dancing, live alligators (kids take pictures with them like they are Santa), food, food and more food! And, the best Bed and Breakfast you ever want to experience! Some Bed & Breakfast and hotels are booked in advance up to seven years. Yes, it's that exciting and something I wish everyone could experience before leaving this earth.

I really love and enjoy the spirit of Christmas and I was all over the streets jumping and skipping like I had reverted back to childhood....some of my most awesome memories as a child are from Christmas!!! Oh and it was much colder than normal which made it more enjoyable, we got to cover up, sip on hot cocoa & coffee and snack on Funnel Cakes too!

Stay tuned for more, I'll be sharing our visit to the Cane River Creole National Historical Park, built c. 1820 along with several others. I learned even more about Creole History and we enjoyed picking pecans on the plantations. We almost didn't leave because "Beignet" (my hubby) pretty much asked the Plantation Guide 1001 know how men can be when it comes to history! I felt like we needed to pay the poor guy, thank goodness he was up on the details. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hair Hat

Today in Dallas we had an "Ice Storm," many schools and businesses closed early.

People in Dallas drive real crazy in this type of weather and the streets are never prepared. Boy, do I miss the salt and sand on the streets of Chicago during times like this. When I lived there, streets were never a problem.

Why can't Dallas get it together??? For heavens sake, they could not even sand the HOV lane for quicker service to and from Downtown..

Anyway, while out and about in the 25 degree and 17 degree wind chill temp it was the first time in a long time that I wished I had my natural hair hat. The wind was cutting right through my locked parts and my scalp felt chilled to the bone. The wind could never get through my thick mane before locks. LOL!

The photo above was taken during my natural years and my hair came in very handy when I needed a head covering. I was natural for 10 years before I decided on my Sisterlocks last year and although I miss my natural I'm stilll mad in love with my locks.

If you look real close at the pic you can see some areas of my hair that are semi straight but thick. As Bgybaby says "it's the Indian, Creole & African hair fighting each other. Not sure who will win but one thing I know for sure.....the different hair types is what caused my hair to "bunch" during my first six months. See pic below.

Bunching is no joke and all you can do about it is be patient and after washing pull each strand so that it stretches. And, because of the frizzy hair along the lock my best style was braid out and settingon rods for different styles.

As Brunsli mentioned in one of her previous post, because of our hair types it's almost impossible to color without bunching coming alive.

Peace Ya'll!