Monday, December 18, 2006

Golf Banquet - Congratulations Roux!

During our annual Golf Christmas Banquet this past weekend our very own Roux won the "Leadership Award" for the Male 13 + age group.

Had to give a shout out!

Praline did well also, she and Roux's (they play on separate teams) team tied for 1st in the Scramble the weekend before.

The young lady in the middle, is 15 years old and was the leader for Praline's team during the Scramble. She's a great player and won the opportunity to play at Pebble Beach along with Tiger Woods niece this summer!

Roux working on his swing!

We'd like to especially thank Coach Chuck for all of his dedication and committed hard work to our Dallas area The First Tee of Dallas Program"!


Brenda said...

Congratulations to them both! They're both great kids.

Anonymous said...

Big props to Roux and Praline AND to mom and dad for getting them involved in a sporting program.

Maryee said...

Congratulations to the kids!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year first off...
Is Roux a lefty... too cool!

Thanks for this post. The children are doing wonderful things.

Be blessed throughout the new year!