Friday, January 20, 2006

Natural Convert

Today, I wanted to feature my converted natural buddy from work, you go girl that natural twist is looking so nice on you.

Rhonda was sick of the "Creamy Crack" breaking her hair off and causing all kinds of other health problems so about a year ago she went cold turkey and stop putting the relaxer on her beautiful mane. She cut the perm off inch by inch until she had no more.

Today, her hair is soft and healthy! I love touching it because it has so much elasticity in it. I'm so proud of you so keep on keepin on!!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Which Tool Do I Prefer?

I've been chatting with several of my LockItUp pals regarding lock tool preferences and since taking the re-tightening class last month I have retightened twice already. Each time has taken six hours for my entire head and I'm trying to pick up the goal is three hours. Ha!

Upon enrollment of the SL retightening class I was given a official Sisterlock TM Hook Tool and Clip Tool and since it was difficult to control the hook tool I sought other tool options.

One day while checking out Leighann's blog I saw where she preferred using the Nappy Tool and decided to order the small size. I'm now going to order the medium because some of my locks are starting to swell after seven months. I started using the Nappy Tool with my SL reverse 4 pattern and it is incredibly fast. Just point the tool in the direction of your pattern using the tail end and pull it through the lock. I use the hook tool for those areas where I either have outside of the lock or when I need to grab hair that has come out of the loc then finish the rotation with the Nappy tool. (I need a 8.0 mega pxl camera, the 4.1 gets blurry sometimes)

While I appreciate Dr. Cornwell and her invention I just find it easier (for me) to use the Nappy tool. Make sure you read the fine writing on the Nappy website because I remember reading... once you use the Nappy tool on your hair you are officially considered having Nappy Locks and not Sisterlock TM. I disregard that statement because IMO what makes SL's is the pattern and care of the locks directed by Dr. Cornwell not the tool itself. It's all about what makes you comfortable.

The Nappy Tool does not come with instructions but I called when it arrived and they explained right over the phone. No need to fret.

Here's my take on which tool and the order I prefer to use:

1. Nappy Tool - Love it!!!! All I have to say is Simplicity and Speed

2. Clip Tool - Like it - easy to use but not so easy on my fingers. When I use it for too long the tip of my index finger is tender because of the constant pulling on the lever in order to clip it on the hair to prepare for rotations. That means I have to clip (moving part) the tool on 280+ locs. I use only when I need to tighten a few in certain areas of my head.

3. Hook Tool - Challenging! - Using this tool makes me feel like I need to practice, practice, practice until I get it down pack, which could be years! By the time I finish a couple of locks I have to rest my arms, fingers and shoulders because I'm fighting the lock trying to squeeze that new growth through the lock without having to start all over again.

Which do you prefer? Has anyone, other than Consultant's, mastered the Hook Tool???

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tender Headed?

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Ok, so here is my childhood pic with my infamous "Afro Puffs." I want to say I was in the 5th grade in this photo.

There was a recent conversation on the LocktItUp Yahoo group about being tender headed that sparked childhood memories. I'll explain my theory as to why I "am not" tender headed while having this much thick hair.

I can remember..... back in the day, my mom would wash my hair and either style it in afro puffs or I'd get a nice hard press that would only last a couple of days after over exposure to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana humidity or from sweating too much from playing kickball, softball, hide and go seek, red light/green light, running races to see who was the fastest kid on the block and riding bikes as fast as we could back and forth down the street. Ya'll get the picture; I got a little carried away thinking about the times of my wonderful childhood and how our children will probably never understand those days. Mainly, because we as parents are too afraid to let them out of our sight too long because of perverts looking to harm an innocent child. Don't let me get started on my soapbox...that's a whole "nother" blog creation all together. Whew..I digress!

What was my point? Oh yeah, tender headness..... after my mom would wash my hair it would usually take a good hour trying to comb through it after loading my hair up with so much Ultra Sheen hair grease or Royal Crown hair grease. Then, after I was forced into tears from the constant pulling and snatching , my dear loving mother would get so frustrated from my complaining that by the time she was done I'd have the print of the famous "afro comb" on my forehead. Now, I'm not sure what kind of family you all were raised in, but my mom did not 'PLAY." It was her way or the highway and children must obey and keep still even under extreme pain. After years of these weekly appointments I surrendered to the mighty right hand of "mommy dearest" shhhh, lol. And that my friends, is why today I am not tender headed! Anyone out there with heavy handed "Mama's"?

Reflecting back, even then I loved my beautiful thick hair I just wished our parents were educated on how to maintain our African American manes. Enjoying the freedom of coming back home.........

Monday, January 09, 2006

40th Reminising

This past weekend I went through some of my 40th birthday 70's party pictures and found this one with my afro puffs along with my girls costumed in our 70's gear, (Shout out to Angie who was Diana Ross, Ronda came as a Black Panther & Tasha was an ole school party girl, what's up my sistahs!) And guess what? We had a blast without alcohol and other synthetic substances, we called it a "natural high." YES, those puffs are "all my hair." (disregard the ghetto styled bills hanging from me)

The picture made me think back to the time when I spent two to three hours two strand twisting my natural bush only to wear it for two weeks, take it down and start the process all over again... sigh. At the time, I had been natural for nine years, I really loved my hair and especially liked it after I would twist the thick mane. However, I hated the time and effort it would take making it just right and testing all kinds of product to get it under control. Seven months later I was locked!!!!!!

Today, I feel total freedom and the love affair I'm having with my Sisterlocks...Oooooooh the pleasure of getting up and going without any effort or product!! Thank you Dr. Cornwell.

Check back with me tomorrow for the other picture I found from childhood that looks a lot like me in this photo....too funny! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

What a way to start off the 2006 year but to hear that my "Sisterlock" mentor is in town visiting this week. As soon as I got a free moment I rushed over to visit with her and her family, which is also an extension of my family.

It was November of 2004 when I was first introduced to Sisterlocks. Tamari was in town for her Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary and my husband and I were the MC's. When I saw her head full of Sisterlocks TM it was then that I realized I had to have Sisterlocks TM.

Tamari is a Spanish professor and resides in Rialto, CA, she made her 5th year lock anniversary on December 19th and her locks are so healthy and beautiful. Additionally, since last seeing her, she and her husband have a new addition to their family. They were blessed with a sweet little son a few months ago and she is loving parenthood along with the ease of no hair drama.

Michelle Bryant of Rancho Cucamonga, CA maintains Tamari's hair and while she did take the retightening class she prefers to have her Consultant maintains her SL's. Her schedule consists of washing every 7 -10 days and she either wears braid outs or twist outs styles. You will rarely see her in the free style because she says it gets in the way while teaching. She shared with me that while in the hospital she converted several people to Sisterlocks TM because they would come and visit her in the hospital expecting to see a not so attractive person and to their surprise she looked stunning...even under the worst of circumstances. After all, who looks great while in the hospital, well let me just tell Sisterlockers and natural gals!

Tamari, thanks for bringing Sisterlocks TM to my life because it's not been the same since. Getting up in the morning without worrying about hair has given me back so much of my morning for me and my family.

And get that blog started when you get back to California!


Sisterlock Possible Recruits - Yesssss!

With all the talk about Sisterlocks TM in the company of Tamari's grandmother whom I call "Mama Blackburn" and her Aunt Andrea that they began asking questions. By the time we were finished with them they were both ready for tester locks and a consultation. Both are natural and have not had chemicals for years so they are "ripe for the picking." Ripe for the picking is some good ole Louisiana talk from back in the day, it just means they are ready for the move into lockdom. (Pictured from left to right are Mama Blackburn, Tamari and her Aunt Andrea)

Andrea is a Family Medicine Doctor and she works out so she was concerned about the maintenance and how Sisterlocks would work for her schedule. Ok now, you know we were all over that issue and assured her that Sisterlocks TM would be one of the best decisions she could ever make for her lifestyle. Hopefully our DFW group members will get to meet Mama Blackburn and Andrea at the next gathering February 19th in Allen, TX hosted by Karen.

Come on Mama Blackburn and Andrea, join in on the fun!!!