Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Buddy "Theresa Green"

My buddy Theresa Green is in town this week on business from the Washington, D.C area.

Many of you may have seen several emails from her as she is also a member of the LockItUp group. We were able to hook up for lunch and catch up on some good ole Sisterlock conversation and delicious soup and salad from Olive Garden located in Addision, TX.

Our Sisterlock birthdays are the same month and I must tell you Theresa has the tiniest Sisterlocks I've ever seen! She has over 500 locks and they are just "stunning." Our year mark will be in May and since her beautiful mane is so thick and full of curly q's she says she does not curl or manipulate them in any form or fashion, she totally prefers free styling.

Theresa asked me to give a "shout out" to the DFW group and hopefully one day she will join us here at one of our gathering. Additionally, she has plans to join us in New York for the get together. (Click on her pic to see a close up of her Sisterlocks.)

Speaking of New York, I begged Leighann to make a show happen while we are in New bout this....she is scheduled for a comedy show and we'll get to see her in action on that Saturday night. We are going to have a blast!!!!

Theresa, it was great seeing you again and keep pampering your wear them soooooo well! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thomasa Got "Locked"

Some of you may remember my buddy, Thomas Henry.. she was at the last DFW Sisterlock Gathering in December.

Well, after we left she was pumped up about getting her locks. She's been natural for five years and ready for the next stage but couldn't decide if she wanted Sisterlocks TM or Braidlocs....

Drum roll please....da da da boom shackle lackle lackle BOOM!!! She decided on Braidlocs and did all of the research on her own. Now, since this is my blog and I try to remain humble, this time I need to brag a little on myself...I did them for her!

Yes, we were up for seven hours on Saturday, February 4th from 6:30 PM to 1:30 AM watching movies, eating popcorn and having good ole girl time. When we were done she loved them!!

Thomasa is a elementary school teacher working on her Masters in Administration to become one of Dallas' community leaders as an outstanding Principal. This life style is well worth it for her and I'll save the rest of her story so she can debut on her own blog...coming soon.

Let's welcome Thomasa to our sisterhood!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

"The South "is" Changing"

Pictured here with my Loc'd Up Starbuck buddies. I met Karen this morning and Ron and I probably overwhelmed her with questions about her locks, but we could not resist...they are so AWESOME.

Ron has been on his loc journey now for about a year and his are coming along well.

Karen is originally from Washington D.C and has had her locks for 17 years. After receiving raving compliments from us she shared a story that when she first moved to Dallas many people avoided her because of her locs thinking she was some kind of rebellious sista. Today and 12 years later she gets asked questions about her locks quite frequently and many. many compliments on her glorious mane..

"The southern part of the USA is finally getting it." Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Queen is Remembered

I started this post by posting about Yolanda Kings locs and after realizing how obsessed I am with watching all of the news coverage about Mrs. Coretta Scott King I realized I am as engrossed as I was when Princess Diana passed. (Also, a great Queen) So, I was compelled to contribute something to Mrs. King.

The King family has contributed greatly in overcoming many struggles for the African American people and I personally would like to thank them. I am deeply sorrowful of the passing of a "Great Queen," Mrs. Coretta Scott King and I pray that the family will soon find peace. I especially, pray for comfort for son Dexter King as he choked back tears and explained that his mother died on his birthday.

Mrs. Coretta Scott King knew and accepted her calling in life…to make a difference in the world by working to change conditions for blacks in the south. I personally believe without Coretta there would have been no Dr. Martin Luther King.

Many forget that after her husband was assassinated in 1968, instead of withdrawing from her young children into her grief, Coretta Scott King stepped out into the forefront to continue her husband’s legacy. She started the day before his funeral, leading the sanitation workers march he had gone to Memphis to support. Mrs. King was devoted to preserving Dr.Kings legacy by committing much of her energy and attention to developing and building the Atlanta-based Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change as a living memorial to her husband’s life and nonviolent philosophy. What a true Virtuous Woman!!!!!

Last Spring we had the opportunity of taking our children to the Martin Luther King Center on our Spring Break vacation and they were impacted in a major way. When we left the center all four of us had red…watery eyes…. we wept and wept and wept until we could take it no more. I’m sure many of you have visited the center and understand what I’m talking about. As a picker upper we went on a tour of his home and our 10 & 12 year old thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

We often try and use vacations as learning experiences because we never want our children to lose sight of who they are and where “we” have come from. Let’s keep hope alive, we all still have a lot of work to do in contributing to this world especially our troubled youth

Picture of Yolanda King, looks like her early stages of Sisterlocks??? Regardless, she's part of the loc family...represent Yolanda, represent!!!!

! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Part Correction & Cut Update

Posted by Picasa I can honestly say my Sisterlock journey thus far has been quite interesting and I have been feeling the need to cut my hair again and did today!

I started my journey with 8-9 inches of bonafied natural hair and because of my awful bunching problems I'm now down to about 5 inches due to cutting the messy ends off.

The bag on the upper left is the 2 inches of ends that I was not happy with and I think I'm down to the "real" locked hair in most sections of my head.

The top right pic show one of my many locks that are being set up for correcting some of my parts. If you look real close you can see the open loop in the middle of the lock at the root and I'm feeling much better about having straight parts. Once I have at least 1-2 inches of new growth each of my corrected locs will be split and my parts will become more defined.

Although I'm sporting a much shorter do, I'm comfortable with it and learning to embrace all of the issues because Sisterlocks is truly what I want and I know in the end my babies will be "da bomb."

My Caruso Curlers give me the temporary curls I usually wear on a daily basis AND The African bead headband is something I picked up the at the Kwanzaa Festival in Dallas, TX. last December.

The booth I bought it from had several different styles, colors and individual beads that you can put on each of your locs. This time next year I'll be ready for the next level of accessories if.....I can keep the scissors out of my head.

While so many SL'ers can't wait for their's to grow I on the other hand keep cutting mine......I must really be going through the mid-life crisis.

Any one else cut their locs before their First Year Loc-versary?