Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy 9th Year Anniversary to Me!

Happy 9th year Sisterlock Anniversary to me!  Treated myself to color and...,,.I think Amber is my new Black! Shout out to my 18 year old daughter, Rachel Dupard for pushing me outside my comfort zone and my SL Sister, Karen Key Dunlap for walking me through the tone down! 💚💜💙

Friday, May 09, 2014

Countdown to 9 Years - May 27th

Countdown to 9 years on May 27th of being naturally Sisterlocked!  These are pics of my journey before and after along with the tools I use to retighten my hair every 5-6 weeks!  Yes, it's all 100% my natural grown hair!

SUPA CrossFit & Sisterlocks

I do not have one regret about going with Sisterlocks.  Exercise is a huge part of my lifestyle and Sisterlocks fit right in. 💪 Nine years strong at the end of this month.