Sunday, April 30, 2006

My 10 Year Old Baby Got Sisterlocked April 28!

I am so proud of the decision my 10 year old daughter made to get Sisterlocked!! (As if she had no influence). LOL

She has been natural all her life and loves getting her hair braided but hates to get it washed. So I had been dropping little nuggets that if she were to loc her hair we would not have nearly as much drama washing, brushing and combing through her thick 9 inch mane.

So, it all started when I received my first subscription of the Sisterlock Magazine. She read the entire magazine and especially like the story that showed the pictures/testimonial of the young girl that started at age 6. (My book is with a friend so I can't tell you the girls name or page number). That magazine "Set It Off" for us, here we are nearly 6 weeks later and she is locked and loving it. The process took four days and 15 hours and the child already has 2 of the 3 Sisterlock diseases listed in the "Tapestry of Dreams" book, pages 68 & 69:

handsinthe hair itis - hands gravitate uncontrollably toward the locks
whitegirlatoma - the hands drift below the ear area and jerks into a back handed flipping motion

When we went to church yesterday and as soon as she hit the front door every "natural" sister was all over her head showering her with many compliments. She was the center of attention the whole day long, it got so bad I had to give her a reality check because that head was blowing up! LOL. Anyway, for the most part I allowed her to enjoy the thrill of knowing she made an AWESOME decision!

As for Dad, he initially had concerns and asked her what she would do if she did not like it. She told him that she would like it and it was no different from what she had now. She also added that she could wear all kinds of styles like her ponytails and cute headbands. I was in the background going, YESsssssssssss!! (I trained her well) With her addressing the issues on her own he agreed to allow her to do her thing.

I'm sure we'll have more to share as she becomes more exposed to the extended family and friends so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm still here, just playing catch up

Hey all my blog buddies,
I appreciate the emails checking in on me and wondering what's up. I'll be posting again soon, been busy training on my new job. Yes, "new job." I was blessed with a Project Management position for a huge corporate company.....with my 11 month old Sisterlocks.

Who say's we can't get a job with Sisterlocks???

Peace and No Hair Grease!