Sunday, March 26, 2006

Locks in Nature

Our family went on a five mile nature walk last Sabbath and muscles are still aching.

Anyway, my daughter and I didn't want all kinds of stuff (creepy crawly things) to get in our hair so we covered up with the famous "do rags."

Well, a couple of passer by'ers wanted to know what was peeking out from under my scarf and while I really didn't want to take it off in fear of things falling in my hair I gave in. They really liked my "style" as they call it and issued many compliments.

I have one question......why do other races of women appreciate our hair more than our own??? Ok, never mind...I already know, but it really makes me wonder how long will it take before we accept ourselves the way we were created. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sisterlock Gathering

Ain't no stopping us!!! We had a fab-u-lous time as you can tell..... we always do when us lock gals get together!!!

Since the gathering so much has happened and I'm crazy busy with stuff I'll have to fill ya'll in on soon.

So that I don't duplicate too many of Karen's and Maryee's blog posts here are a couple of my pics.

We missed all that could not attend!!!! Karen, thanks so much for hosting at the lovely Guest Home, it was first class.

Love, Peace and Soooooooul! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 16, 2006

3ABN - Sisterlocks Intro

We survived 2006 Spring Break after taking ten youth from our church on a trip to 3ABN in Illinois to tape a teen talk show called "Teen Pathways." My husband and I are one of the hosts and we have a 501 3c youth ministry, Maranatha Youth Ministries ........yes, we are constantly on the go! ("I know, our website needs a face lift and updating.) This was my first appearance with my Sisterlocks and the producers were trying to figure out exactly what I had done to my hair. Needless to say, by the time I left they knew all about sisterlocks! Group picture is our youth group on set with the producer, camera crew, audio crew and make-up artist. Pictured left, my son and I on set. (He's looking so cool because this was the first time since turning 13 this year that he could participate on the teen show.) The Lord truly blessed the shows as everyone shared personal touching life experiences.

Back to sisterlocks, when I returned I/we were all exhausted and I needed a hair lift to get my energy going. Gigi originally had me scheduled for next week and she was able to move me to today. I went in and she gave me a wonderful repair session and new do. I was on a high when I left and we took some really cute pictures that my camera lost, ugh, I'll never be able to get those back but for now here is what Mrs. Wonderful did to me!

When Gigi learned that I worked out three times a week and was rinsing my hair after each workout, I got the hands on the hip move...... My sides and front are no where close to being locked so Gigi put me on a new regimen:

For the next three months:
  • After each work out, use 50/50 Sea Breeze/distilled water mixture and Creme of Nature scalp cleanser to cleanse my scalp
  • Only wash every other week so that my hair concentrates on locking
  • Do not even think about rinsing my hair
  • Continue braiding & banding my sides and fronts as my back is totally locked Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006

"Ms. Lavender"

I was in Whole Foods one day last week and found this bottle of Lavender Water near the Rose Water and decided to try it. I love it!! The smell of Lavender is so soothing and it makes my locks feel and smell so fresh and clean.

Anyone else ever tried Lavender on their locks?

So, here is my collection of Sisterlock/Locking stuff that I feel so lost without if I'm not in close proximity of them. I carry the stuff around like a bag lady and will fight if anyone even remotely appears to touch it. As if someone is going to take the stuff from me and I'm so guarded over the stuff I'm probably one decision away from being a crack head, but instead I'm a lock head. Hee hee. Ok, my jokes are not as funny as Leighann......I digress.

Here's a list of my stuff and why I use each:

From Left to Right:

1. Sisterlock Aloe shampoo - I use it after I shampoo using my Aveda Hair detoxifier (not shown, but formulated with certified organic aloe—to help maintain hair's natural moisture—while detoxifying.)

2. Sisterlock Journal - My very own first publication hot off the press...I love the jet style format and the wealth of information, every Sisterlocker/Locker should have a subscription....I re-read it everyday.

3. The Sisterlock Tapestry of Dreams written by Dr. Cornwell - I use it to reference all kinds of questions. Don't ask me why I have to carry's kind of comforting like Linus and his blanket.

4. Lavender Spritz

5. My little pink carrying case which holds all of my tools , clips and one pair of scissors, all shown on the table. And I did hear what ya'll said about the scissors...thought I'd let that one pass huh?

While many complimented me on my cutting rampage I did hear those of you that emailed and IM me offline to say "STAY AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS!" Still Waters one of my IM buddies especially got her point across to me and I appreciate her candidness. The truth of the matter is after the second cut I tripped out because I no longer had enough hair to braid my locks and wear my wavy "do" without looking like a porcupine. My caruso curlers are my only saving grace right now so, here's what I am going to more scissors for the next year!

Love and Happiness!

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