Friday, July 13, 2007

Mrs Dee Update

Remember my Nappy Lock install I did on my sister in January? (((Scroll down)))

Well look who's locks are coming along beautifully if I must say so myself!! I'm so proud of her because since the initial install she has been maintaining her own locks using the Nappy tool. I only have to put new locks in where the new growth is filling in from the perm damage on her sides.

I'll give her the chance to blog on her own blog here I just could not help posting about her 7 month old locks since she is visiting this summer.
Doesn't she look happy with the patch of grey too!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Praline's Eyes

I've had the question asked at least a thousand times.."do you arch her eye brows?" I'm never offended, even when I got the question as an infant rolling in her stroller.

I actually find it quite comical when people look at me in amazement when I say "oh no, never would I do such a thing?" Some believe me and some walk away with the look to say..."you know you are fibbing."

What's really funny is that she gets so much public attention about her eyes that she now recognizes everyone elses eyebrows while it never crosses most 11 year olds mind.

So, just for the record to all that are wondering, no, Ms. Praline's eyebrows have never been groomed in any form or fashion. She is the way God made her....I just wish mine didn't need grooming. Who knew the gene pool worked that way?? (lol)

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