Thursday, February 21, 2008

God, Husband, Children, Work, Locks...

Thanks to all of my lock buddies for checking on me, I'm still around but who has time for locks? I don't even think I've taken a pic of my locks recently. I hope to make time soon and post on how my teenage locks are progressing...

I'm having to re-evaluate my life and prioritize what goes where. Since starting my locking hobby six months ago I've had to trim back clients like crazy. Part of me feels guilty and then another feels like I must use the extra time for my family.

Left - Ms Praline pictured with Ms. Irma P. Hall (Mama Jo from the movie Soul Food) where Rachel opened a local play and Ms. Hall made an appearance in the play. Read more Here

Ms. Praline is taking off with her mad schedule and Mr. Roux is in High school and we're tackling teenage life and girls. Whew, that's worth wanting to home school but then we'd have the same issues during college. Better to deal with it sooner than later.

Left - Mr. Roux wins King of his 9th grade class and he's going through the cool stage with his semi-smile while posing with one of his classmates.

Parenting is the most difficult job I've ever had in my life. I just hope we're making the right decisions in every chapter of their lives. Such a challenge!

I feeling the need of a Dallas Gathering!