Sunday, August 27, 2006

And the beat goes on.......

Another dy-no-mite DFW gathering! Blaqkofi captured the pure essence of it all.

Here in this collage I want to highlight my guests. First of all, this world is too small for may be wondering why the guy without locks are included??

Well, he happens to be a very good friend who introduced me to Cosmo Rouge a couple of years ago. Since then, he moved to the East Coast and when I walked into the Cosmo Rouge he was the very first face I saw. Naturally, we met each other with open arms of disbelief and happiness. What are the chances that he would be in town for another friends gathering and we both end up in the same place?? Good to see you Paul!!

The bottom left picture is of a buddy from work, she is thinking of locking and she brought her sister along who is pictured on the right of me. Another buddy I invited is Diana on the bottom right, she is ready for her lock installment by no other than Gigi and I'm too sure she'll love every moment. Sister-n-locks shown below with that awesome dress, if it were not a crime I would have pulled it off of her and taken it home.

Look at the wonderful AllyH20! She has a very sweet spirit, we sat next to each other and talked about hair, skin care and possibly locking her beautiful twins hair. Can you imagine what her family would look like with everyone locked? I hope I live to see it!

Tra's hair has really taken off and I am lovin her style. Soooo earthy!! You go girl!

Maryee and Jen we truly missed your presence and hope to see you both at our October locversary gathering. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another VIP Event

Our good friends "The Coopers" are simply the best! My DH and I were invited once again to another VIP event with "The Coopers"......Earth, Wind and Fire last weekend and what a blast we had.

It's been a great summer. first Prince in New York now Earth, Wind and Fire!

The concert was awesome because there was so much happiness in the place and we only had one thing in commom...EWF. During the entire time of the concert it seemed like everyone was on their feet swaying to the ole schools songs...September, Shining Star, Got to Get You Into My Life, Boogie Wonderland, Let's Groove Tonight, After the Love is Gone and my all time favorite...... Reasons!

What an exciting show it was and once again...we THANK YOU COOPERS!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Very Funny Lady

Us DFW gals are so lucky, here's how the email started:

Hey Ladies,
I know it is last minute but our good buddy Leighann is in town for a private show and she is only available tonight. We're having dinner at 7:30, can you all make it????

Remember Leighann's post about "The Cracker Barrel," and her chicken and dumplings? What better way to delight her than to hang at the ole fashion barrel. LaChanda

Blaqkofi responded first with a big fat YESSSS, I'll be there. Then the responses of extreme regrets....... School started this week for us Texans so many of our mothers just could not swing it.
It was great to see Blaqfoki and Leighann again, we had a blast catching up on every subject we could possible think about.

One little cutie that could not resist our Sisterlocks came over and gave us the nicest compliments. Sisterlocks Rock on!!

To commemorate our recent trip to New York I could not help but wear my “I Love NY” shirt. Sister-in-locks and I are still talking about that wonderful trip to the Big Apple! Thanks again Leighann for the wonderful time!

Oh and after dinner, I thought about taking Leighann to downtown Dallas for a quick showing of downtown Dallas…(what else is there to do in Dallas?) Then, I thought am I crazy??? Dallas compared to New York? No way, so we departed gracefully.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Child's Play in Locks

My daughter and her two locked buddies got together yesterday and had a little fun in the hot 104 degree Texas sun. Lord help us!!!

We encourage our children to spend time outside having the real child like fun we experienced back in the day. You know when we used to play, one two, three red light.....hop scotch, double dutch, block ball and riding our bikes up and down the street....mad fun!

One thing about Texas is we have to keep the babies hydrated or else find one of them passed out in the yard. LOL!!

Too many times we allow our children to stay locked up in the house watching TV, playing computer games and especially listening to some of the unacceptable music of todays R&B world. So instead, we make them play outside or get a really good book.

After a good run of childs play there is no better joy than to see them so drained they shower, eat and go right to sleep. I just love to see children having a blast building relationships and learning how to deal with each others personalities.

Don't get me wrong now, my husband and I get our share of disagreements since we seem to have the house that the kids migrate to for treats and advice. And we often have to mediate between "it's my turn to ride the bike because my bike has a flat." And the other responding "Oh well, that's not my problem." Then we encourage the rule of sharing. It's funny to see little people work out issues and overall we would not have it any other way.

At any rate don't they just look so innocent and beautiful in their locks?? The beauty of little natural sisters secure and loving how God made them!!!

Oh, they were all locked three months ago and yes, I felt like writing today.... LOL! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Toni Long

It arrived! I was out of town last week and arrived home this weekend only to find the fab-u-lous Brunsli Hair tie in my mail box! Brunsli you are one gifted and talented SISTAH!

I could not wait to wear it to work today! It was so nice to have my hair off my face and neck , even got a couple of compliments on my new style.

My little pineapple turned out sooooo well with the Toni Long!!!! Usually, any kind of head band gives me a headache after one hour of wearing it and the thing I admire most about the Toni is I wore it all day and I DID NOT not get a HEADACHE! Yeah! The Toni is totally stylish and very comfortable. Finally, I have hair ties/jewelry that is not painful!!!

Hold on girlfriend....I'll be ordering at a whole bunch more! Thank you so much!!!!

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