Monday, August 07, 2006

The Toni Long

It arrived! I was out of town last week and arrived home this weekend only to find the fab-u-lous Brunsli Hair tie in my mail box! Brunsli you are one gifted and talented SISTAH!

I could not wait to wear it to work today! It was so nice to have my hair off my face and neck , even got a couple of compliments on my new style.

My little pineapple turned out sooooo well with the Toni Long!!!! Usually, any kind of head band gives me a headache after one hour of wearing it and the thing I admire most about the Toni is I wore it all day and I DID NOT not get a HEADACHE! Yeah! The Toni is totally stylish and very comfortable. Finally, I have hair ties/jewelry that is not painful!!!

Hold on girlfriend....I'll be ordering at a whole bunch more! Thank you so much!!!!

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Chosen Vessel said...

LaChanda your hair looks beautiful. I have been trying to find different ways to pull my hair up out of my face without pulling it to tight and causing breakage. I am excited about this Brunsli Hair tool.


brunsli said...

LaChanda, It looks great on you! I'm so happy you like it!

still waters said...

Good job LaChanda

Looks good and I am happy to hear they do not cause headaches.

one love still

Goodnapps said...

LaChanda that looks so darn pretty on you. Just when I thought I had come to term with my short locks seeing you with this style has me green with envy.

Ree-C said...

That style is gorgeous on you. I love how you worked that hair tie. I have another style I will have to try. Hope you don't mind.

KDL said...

This style looks absolutely gorgeous on you and the hair tie really sets it off. I can't wait to get mine!

Linda said...


This new style with Brunsli's hair tool lools great. I too am glad to hear that it holds your hair without giving one a headache. I don't know how many times I've started the day with a headband, but couldn't get to the end of the day without pulling it off. Hats off to Brunsli for identifying a need and doing something about it. Once I have enough to put up I will be purchasing one as well.

Tra said...

I love it and can definitely co-sign on Brunsli's hair tie's. Your style looks great and one of the things I like about mine is a style that I normally have to use bobby pins to get I can get with the hair tie because it fits just right!

Jena Evans said...


Good to read you are happy with the hair tie. I am very pleased, too. All those heavy locs can now sit up off the neck and the cool breeze of autumn can have its way.

Be blessed~

dewdrop said...

Your updo is way to gorgeous, my goodness! I want to try this style when my locks mature.