Sunday, August 27, 2006

And the beat goes on.......

Another dy-no-mite DFW gathering! Blaqkofi captured the pure essence of it all.

Here in this collage I want to highlight my guests. First of all, this world is too small for may be wondering why the guy without locks are included??

Well, he happens to be a very good friend who introduced me to Cosmo Rouge a couple of years ago. Since then, he moved to the East Coast and when I walked into the Cosmo Rouge he was the very first face I saw. Naturally, we met each other with open arms of disbelief and happiness. What are the chances that he would be in town for another friends gathering and we both end up in the same place?? Good to see you Paul!!

The bottom left picture is of a buddy from work, she is thinking of locking and she brought her sister along who is pictured on the right of me. Another buddy I invited is Diana on the bottom right, she is ready for her lock installment by no other than Gigi and I'm too sure she'll love every moment. Sister-n-locks shown below with that awesome dress, if it were not a crime I would have pulled it off of her and taken it home.

Look at the wonderful AllyH20! She has a very sweet spirit, we sat next to each other and talked about hair, skin care and possibly locking her beautiful twins hair. Can you imagine what her family would look like with everyone locked? I hope I live to see it!

Tra's hair has really taken off and I am lovin her style. Soooo earthy!! You go girl!

Maryee and Jen we truly missed your presence and hope to see you both at our October locversary gathering. Posted by Picasa


Sister-in-Locks said...

I will make you deal. I will give you the dress for those lovely shoes you were wearing.

Goodnapps said...

Everyone is so picture perfect. Wish I could attend one of the DFW gatherings. But anyway, the power of a higher power is really something else.

oh yeah, you and your locks are looking so good. Couldn't help but notice the calf muscles in Blaq's last shot of you all. You go on with yo bad self!

Jena Evans said...


Everyone looks so wonderful. I missed you guys as well...

Thank you and Blaq for sharing your pics.


still waters said...

Simply put B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

one love Still

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of beautiful people

soontobenatural said...

I started my baby locs on 6/16 and have been enjoying this journey immensely. I love looking at the locked blogs and am seriously thinking about starting my own. Thanks for sharing your pics - everyone is beautiful!

I do have a question - does the sistah with the gray locs in your photos have a blog? Her locs are phenomenal.

Maryee said...

Hey LaChanda,

We missed you guys as well! Hopefully we'll make the next DFW gathering! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!! I can feel the fun ya'll had.