Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wrap a Lock Question & Answer

I left out some details on my install wrap post so lets's begin the question and answer post:
Brenda asked:
In your opinion, is it easy to do with just written instructions or would the dvd be necessary? Also I see the site recommends one look per tool. With Sisterlocks that could be quite impractical. Were you satisified with your results? And how many wrap-a-loc tools do you think would be necessary for a full set? Lastly, from the description it seemed like I'd need medium length tools. My hair falls just beneath my collarbone, not quite to my bra strap in back. Is medium the right size? Would you recommend all one size or the variety pack?
1. Yes, the tools are easy to use and the instructions are quite technical so taking the class was better for me because I am a visual person. If you order the CD you should not have any problems.
2. Depends on the size of your lock, I used three on each tool to achieve my look. If your locks are smaller than mine you could easily use 4 -5 locks per tool.
3. I used medium size tools with my lenght and I was very satisfied with the results. See my latest post.
4. The number of locks you have will depend on the number of tools so you have to do the math. Count your locks and divide by 4 or 5 depending how many locks you will use and that will give the number to tools you will need and you can then better determine which pack will best suit you.
5. Also, I used the foam setting lotion by Krinkles & Kurls but any foam lotion will suffice.
TRA: Do you think you will add this to your services if a person has there on tools with them (hint hint hint)?
Creyole: Most Definately, already got them lined up!
GovGirl: Did you dampen your hair before wrapping? If so, I'll bet you have a head full of cute curls!
Creyole: Yes, I used Krinkles & Kurls, but any foam mousse will work
Brunsli: How long did it take, and how many locks did you use for each one?
Creyole: It took approx two hours to install using three to four locks on each tool
Is it easy to use? Do you use any setting lotion, etc. I might just have to purchase the DVD and tools. I will decide once I see how your hair will come out.
Creyole: I sure hope you like my reuslts cause I sure do! Yes, its very easy to use and purchasing the DVD and instruction kit will probably be all you need!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wrap A Locks III

I enjoyed my wrapped locks so much I wore them for fours days and attended a company function with them wrapped towards my face for a little bang look.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wrap-A-Lock II

So here are my pics of my wrapped locks and they feel very comfortable. Usually, when anything tight is in/on my head I get instant headaches. Not this time and when I arrived home, Ms. Praline asked me to do her hair just like mine!!! I love it and so happy she wanted to be my first experiment

It's hair styles like this that makes a Sistah want to really put on a pair a Afrocentric earrings!!

I'll post on my take out look.. who knows how long that will be I'm loving this look?

Thanks Sistah Nandi for you beautiful invention!!!!
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Wrap-A-Loc Class I

I had the awesome opportunity of taking the Wrap A Loc class given by inventor and instructor Sistah Nandi. Sistah Nandi has the most humble, pleasant, professional and spiritual personality and it was a pleasure to work with her as she shared and motivated each of on how to use her tool.

She began the class by introducing her special model Zandi, (spelling), Zandi's locks are actual locks that Sistah Nandi cut from her own head. Yes, she is not much into length so when she cut her locks she decided to use them to help with instruction in her classes. Cool huh?

During the class, Sistah Nandi allowed us to put the tools in our own hair and due to the several lengths throughout my head I had to use multiple sizes of the wrap tool. The four locks in the front are locks I put in myself...I think I did a ok job.

I was totaly impressed with such a wrap tool and I plan to wear mine for a couple of days before removing. These are my sample Wrap-A-Loc pics, more to follow....
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Nappy Hair Affair

After the Wrap-A-Loc class, Linda a.k.a. Mosetta, held a Nappy Hair Affair session and many people came to get their hair done...for free. Some came as far as Killeen, TX. We did each others hair as we ate snacks and shopped for cute Nappy items.

Sistah Nandi proceeded to complete my whole head and I somewhat assisted. What a real "jewel" she is, I totally enjoyed fellowshipping with she and all the ladies today.

The up close pic of the completed head appeared to me as curly traditional locks. I love the look and will sport it to work tomorrow. Below is amy new buddy who has Sisterlocks turned Traditional locks..... but she uses a tool to retighten.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Newly Locked Client

Here she is Mrs. RJQueen10
our locking session was delightful and I can't wait to see what those babies will look like in a year.

Check out her post Here

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"A Tribute to Jena 6"

*****Don't forget to wear your Black*****We so dearly want to participate in the March for Jena, LA six on September 20th but can't due to prior engagements. We will however be there in spirit because our family members will be representing! So, we decided to share this video as a tribute to the young men from Creyole's family!

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's so Good going Home!

We went home (down in the bayou) recently and I had the privilege of being the "Matron of Honor" in my cousin wedding. I was the oldest thing in the wedding and realized how old I really am after hanging with them youngsters. Whew, they can go!

During the reception I was able to meet up with some of my relatives and friends that I had not seen in a while. Everyone knows everyone in my little town and I am related to over 80% of the people because both of my parents are from there so this was really like a family reunion.

This picture is especially near and dear to my heart because Mrs. Lee was my High School Coach. We share so many memories and seeing her makes me proud to say she is 62 years old and still looking good as ever. Besides being the best coach a girl could ever have, Coach Lee will never know the impact she had on my life by helping to guide me to make good decisions. Like never accepting any of my boyfriends except for Beignet. She would point out every wrong thing about a guy that she even remotely thought I was interested in and would make me think twice until it just faded away. One in particular, I was totally in love with and he is now a crackhead. She always reminds me "remember when you dated him..... (lol) Oh please, I know everyone one of ya'll know at least one crackhead.

On a hair note, all of my family members that teased me about my locks were very complimentary about my updo for the wedding. I could tell many were wondering what in the world I was going to do with my hair because I was free styling the day before not knowing how I would make any style work for the wedding until I got in the mirror and started working my babies.

For all of my SDA sisters, yes I'm wearing earrings and a necklace....I compromised for my cousin! My ears are still stinging from them forcing the earrings through my virgin ears of 17 years. It was the worse thing trying to get those earrings in until another cousin suggested that I put them in from the back then go through the front. I could not beleive it, it worked!

The only thing I hated about this trip home were the "Love bugs," the dreadful, annoying bugs that come out in the fall and fly all around you, land on you, get stuck on cars and when you try to clean them off, some of the paint comes off your car too! Do you guys know what love bugs are? If not, be thankful cause I don't know how I did it growin up there.

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