Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Three Months

My sista's, I just cannot resist feeling and playing with my hair. I'm experiencing a bit of guilt because of my borderline vainness...I'm really digging my Sisterlocks! Then I think to myself, it's not vainness, I'm just ecstatic over each and every one on my head! Even the loose curly ends I cherish and I'm crazy ready for blast off mature locks! Patience, patience, patience. Bah humbug!

This week makes three months for me and I'm so loving the freedom of Sisterlocks. Thank you Dr. Cornwell, the Sisterlock invention is a brilliant one!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pull Back Style

Well, I finally decided to try something different, a "pull back" style. Experimenting was an interesting task but I guess it was worth it since I received several compliments from church family on Sabbath. I felt very relieved having the hair off of my face for a change, whew.. its "hot" in Texas! Now, if I can only work with my locks and get the back to look half way decent I'll be on my way to creating new styles...

I purchased new hair pins and used them to hold my hair in place. (You may be able to see a glimpse of one in the side view pic) The young girl at the Mall played with my locks and placed the pins in the right place to get a cute little style. Yes, you guessed it, I certainly could not recreate the style once I got home and I'm still practicing. Right now, I'm at eleven weeks and you better believe I'm still loving my Sisterlocks! No more getting up to comb and brush my natural hair, just spritz with rosewater, run my fingers through it and goooooooo.