Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Three Months

My sista's, I just cannot resist feeling and playing with my hair. I'm experiencing a bit of guilt because of my borderline vainness...I'm really digging my Sisterlocks! Then I think to myself, it's not vainness, I'm just ecstatic over each and every one on my head! Even the loose curly ends I cherish and I'm crazy ready for blast off mature locks! Patience, patience, patience. Bah humbug!

This week makes three months for me and I'm so loving the freedom of Sisterlocks. Thank you Dr. Cornwell, the Sisterlock invention is a brilliant one!


Jazzilocs said...

Your hair is coming along beautifully!!! Love your blog, BTW I noticed the link on my page was going to the wrong site, I fixed this. Thx Girl

BlaqKofi said...

Beautiful locks, beautiful lady!
Your Blog is da bomb!
And the journey continues...

Stay strong, stay natural.

Peace & Blessings


Your blog is so much fun to look at and share with others that are researching sisterlocks and I've place you on my desktop favorite.Please keep doing what you are doing and share.

Tammy Mack said...

I love your hair. I keep visiting your site for updates and inspiration. Keep the update coming.


brunsli said...

Play away! You deserve it. You look fantastic with your SLs!

Anonymous said...

Your locks are awesome. I can't wait until mine are truly on there way like yours. Your blogspot is also great....Azul

Andrea said...

i love your hair...they look marvelous. i have you and many other sistah's from lockitup on my online journal and i'm just starting a blog.

i have added your blog to my links, would you be so kind to add mine...i appreciate it!

lovin those locks of yours and mine
blog link:

Anonymous said...

Love your hair.... I am always on the website and everytime I see your hair I know and I feel assured that my hair will look good too.
Any doing my sisterlock test loc on December 31 and then two week after I will get my sisterlock in I cannot wait.
One Love