Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Got Tagged

Simply Mel tagged me and I'm supposed to share five things my blog readers don't know about me. The sad thing is, I couldn't think of five things right off that I had not already shared, but I'll give it a try!

1. I love entertaining and cooking for people, I'm offended when my guests don't eat or like my meals because I cook with lots of love. Like it or not don't add extra seasonings to my meals. Those of you that put salt and pepper on your food before even tasting it..ok that burns me up!

2. I go after what I want and started dating my hubby because I asked him out while in High School and we became good friends. Humph , I was not going to let that fine hunk of a specimen get away from me.

3. My favorite place of travel is anywhere in the Caribbean.

4. I do not like attending our wonderful community movie theaters because of the "special effects" in the audience. Why do our folks talk through the movies, why, why why??? Sometimes I drive 30 miles away to enjoy a movie.

5. I was named to the (year withheld, ha) Converse All American Basketball Team along with the first female dunker, Cheryl Miller
Now, lets see..I'll tag my blog buddies below because I've never met them in person:
Chi-Chi in Chi-Town - Chicago
Luvi - Houston
Monica - Killene

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Girl Serena, Why the WIG??

While I was not able to watch the final match this past weekend, I certainly followed the winning path. Had I been available to watch the final I don't know that I would have because of the pure anxiety I experience each time Serena misses a return or serve.

Serena was unseeded and ranked No. 81 in the world entering the tournament and beat Sharapova, 6-1, 6-2. I really dislike Sharapova's attitude and arragancy. The world cheers for her because of her so called toughness and beautiful body and we all know what the world admires the most!

I wish I could wake up one morning and have a tight body like Serena's! The girl is baaaad, I imagine Serena's body looks a lot like the one God gave Eve when he created her!

I could not resist posting about this because it is bitter sweet, I loved the WIN but the WIG...ugh! I'm sorry Serena....please let it go! Of all the hair styles, why the shiney wig with the fake part that the camera's kept getting close ups of???? Serena, if you ever stumble upon my blog and you are looking for a wonderful hairstyle, please come on Home! Didn't you just want to pull that wig off while the sweat was pouring from your head? Please my sister there is no place like Home!

Look at Sharapova, she hates losing (I do admire that) but she has poor sportsmanship conduct and I can't blame Serena for rubbing it in!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Newly Natural

After church on Sabbath a buddy and I stood in the parking lot talking about her new natural experience. She is a Police Officer (don't let her size & looks fool ya, sistah can be brutal) and loves what her beautiful hair is doing. I must take a small amount of credit for her going natural because one day she indicated that she was thinking of going natural.....humph.....ya'll know me.....I zoned right in on the encouragement.

She cut all of her perm off and it's been one year into her natural journey! Who know's, locks could be next but I enjoyed my natural hair for nine years before moving into the lock stage. If she does not go the locking route, I'll just be happy watching her enjoy her God given hair!
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Locs & Basketball

The season is here and we're off to the races with practice and games beginning on Sunday. Praline is our pistol packing point guard and the smallest on her team. She's so funny because she likes her locks to hang when she plays, she says "it brings the girl to the game, mom!"

We noticed that she handles the ball with her left hand when she is actually right handed. We just don't get it... but we let her do her thing.

One of the reasons I quit playing in college back in the early 80's was due to the fact that I was one of the outcast and it was no longer fun. In high school us girls were all alike and when I went to college it was a whole "nother" ball game.

The pic below was taken during the Tournament of Champions State Championship game my Senior year against Grambling High. We lost by 6 points and yes that's me shooting two of my 18 points over the 6'+ girl.

I'm sure I can't get up that high now but it sure is fun showing my pictures to Praline and Roux. As you can see the stands were not full because we were a small town team and my whole town could probably fit on one side of the stadium.

The fun was no longer in the game because the majority of the girls were gay and so were many of the coaches. I was not gay and therefore I was not one of the girls. Back then, we (the team) had to stay in the same dorm which came with many privileges but I always ended up spending more time at my friends dorm until time for bed. I will admit that I was totally intimidated by the arrogance of many teammates and my game also suffered because of it. I'll bet only three or four of us were straight and after one season, no more BB for me and it was over that quickly. Had I known what I know now I would have handled things a lot differently. But that was then, this is now.

PS - I was not the best looking chic in high school therefore I know my marriage is based on love cause Beignet met me while looking like the pic above. Tomboy....all the way!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Out of My Funk

If you read my post yesterday you probably figured I was not feeling my locks. Well, thanks to Blaqkofi, Brenda, Ayankha & Sistalocd responses I'm now out of my funk. Thanks for the pick up ladies!

So, I took the time to go back through my photos and found that I was at a totally different phase a year ago. My little babies were shorter due to "one" of my many cuts to rid my bunched ends, plus they were thinner. I could not wait to be where I am today only to have yet another complaint.!! Go figure.

After seeing this reality check I sooooo appreciate where I am....

Peace out!!
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When will the madness end?

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my now 20 month old locks that I can just screem! When will they ever completely LOCK?? When will my ends lose the buds? When will the right side of my head catch up with the left side of my head? Will they ever completely mature?? Why, why, why??? I'm so tempted to cut those ends but I promised myself that I would not cut for a whole year. Next month will be a year since my last cut, can I do it?

Ugh.... guess I'll have to accept the fact that my 20 old locks will never look like my sistah BlaqKofi . She and I were locked weeks a part and her's are so slamming beautiful! I can honestly admit, I sometimes experience loc envy when I see my good friend picture perfect SL's. It's all good though, shout out to you Blaqkofi, you are always working your locks and a sweet inspiration. You hold a spot on my She-ro (hero) list. LOL :)

As I research my ancestry Creole lineage I guess I'll have to put the blame on my people for giving me that fab bunching hair. Oh well, at least I didn't get the ears... Family joke..

Hey, have I mentioned how much "I love my locks???"
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Louisiana Pics

Skin Color?

While home for the holiday's my Aunt shared a photo with me of my Paternal Great-Grandparents and my Grandmother as a baby taken in 1912 when she was 3 yrs old. My great-grandmother carries the Haitian Creole Heritage who's grand father migrated to Louisiana and she married my great-grandfather who was a the French Creole (frenchmen born in the US). (my father and brothers inherited the ears, thank God I didn't)

I could not help but wonder the age of my great-grandmother because she looks much younger than my great-grandfather. Back then, the girls married young and I would think my great-grandfather robbed the cradle. But, no one knows their exact age here in this photo.

From what my Aunts tell me, C. Cezar-Guillory was no push over. Her father built the first school for Creoles of Color in Soileau, LA which both my Aunts attended.

We also visited the Creole National Park at the Oakland Plantation in Natchitoches, LA and found more history on Creoles. There were Creoles of color which were the descendants of the French Creoles, those from France that were born in the United States. Which leads to the issue of skin color....

Many believe that in order to be officially a Creole you must be of a light complexion...not necessarily true. The documentation from the Creole National Park proves that during intermixing of slaves and owners some were of "high yellow" and some took on the skin color of the darken skinned parent, it all boils down to genetics.

Now, there were regions in Louisiana were some Creoles would marry their cousins in order to keep the skin color of a more "white" completion so that they could enjoy more privileges . The fact of the matter is that being Creole is not about skin color, it's all about heritage.

I remember growing up and hearing about the parties that some could only attend if they could pass the paper bag test. Which means, a brown paper bag would be held up to your face and if you were darker than the paper bag then they would not be admitted into the function. This is all a result of the Big House mentality. We all know the story.

I've always hated the whole skin color thing and today we still struggle with skin color insecurities as a people. I'm sickened by the poison that some still feed their children about being light skinned or should I say "bright skinned, as some call it, as being better!" I'll try to contain myself but that ignorance really sets me off!!

I remember both sides of the spectrum because my sister who was darker received less praise and attention than I did from our maternal family. Let the truth be told, I've always believed she was more beautiful than me anyway. She shared a story with me recently where one of our Aunts offended her a child. We were all playing with our cousins at my aunts (her two grand children were our cousins) house and it was getting late so we asked if we could stay the night and she responded saying " sure ya'll can, but that dark one can't (my sister)! For the life of me I don't remember the comment but I guess it was not directed towards me so I'm not sure how I processed the whole situation.

To add insult to injury, I have friends from many different places and once, one of my Nigerian male friends told me that I should thank him for selling off our people because that was the reason for my skin color. (he was joking of course) But that comment started a nasty debate, needless to say, I was the Matron of Honor in his wedding after I worked him over.

Additionally, my buddies from some of the islands are so proud to not be call Black American that they make it a point to say the are anything but Black American. We've often debated the fact that many of the Africans were dropped off at those islands ports (including Haiti) and hence their heritage? This has always been a debate within my circle if friends and I beat that drum to death because of their arrogance of not being a black from the US. Does it really matter, no because the world sees us all as Black Americans, regardless of our accent or skin color.

Yes, I'm very proud of my Creole heritage but when people ask me where I am from I tell them Louisiana and my last name is the only thing that raises any questions. The bottom line is I am Black and love talking about my Creole heritage. I can tell you I am often not given the chance to show who I really am when introducted for the first time because too many times people tell me "I thought you were "stuck up" or my all time favorite "bougie" until I got to know you." I pride myself on "keeping it real" so I know I'm not either. If you feel otherwise, please share.

As I think back, I remember the prejudices within our own family race and now that I know how to deal with...I have little patience for any of it. When the rubber meets the road, we should be happy with who we are and not feeling as though we are better than anyone for any reason. If we treat each other with respect and dignity regardless of our differences, this world would be a better place!

Ok, I went all over the place with this post, it's out now!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Icy Weekend in Dallas

No Sisterlock Gathering for us DFW gals!! Ba humbug! The forcast is ice, rain and temps below 31 for the entire weekend. We already have ice hanging from our neighborhood trees, can you believe that????

I just got off the phone with Blaqkofi and Sister-in-Locks discussing the plans for the Waco Gathering and it appears that the weather is too risky for us to travel the trecherous roads here in Texas.

Maryee & Jen have worked so hard to make this happen and looks like we'll have to reschedule due to weather. Thanks ladies and we appreciate all the efforts

All things work together for the good and I believe we'll have an even better time once we finally get together again........ Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 08, 2007

Waco Social - Sunday Afternoon

We are on our way to Waco, TX to meet up once again for another Sisterlock Social. Maryee and Jen will be hosting so please make every attempt to get there too!

It would be so nice some to meet some of our surrounding Waco area (Kileen & Ft Hood, etc) sisters as well. What cha say??

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Someone was feeling a little left out

Praline and I were playing around taking pics today and Beignet started feeling a little left out. He was like "bald handsome guys" need a little attention too! So, he jumped in the middle of us and we welcomed him with a group hug.

I must agree he is quite handsome and all mine of 16 years! Roux offered to take the pic and it was a family affair.

BTW, I'm loving my locks these days and I'm freestyling because my Caruso's are just not giving me the curl results I used to get since I've gotten a little more length. Guess I'll be going back to the rods when I need some curls. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 05, 2007

Like Owner like Dog

Have you ever heard the saying "dog's look like their owners?" Everywhere we go people stop and comment about how much Praline's toy poodle looks so much like her.

Poodle has curly hair just like Praline and we don't get offended because Poodle is really cute, especially after he has had a grooming. Get this, she asked if we could lock Poodles hair too.. that's probably going a little too far with the lock thing.

Praline needs a grooming in this pic and I promised an update but could not resist posting about this pic. I'll follow-up again after her next retightening.

Beignet and I really didn't like dogs before Poodle, but Praline begged to have one and we decided to get him after figuring that the dog would cost a lot less than a therapist!

Every time Praline saw a dog she would cry and pray for one of her own . We bought her a "Go-Go My Walking Pup" and after Beignet observed her trying to make GoGo walk and obey her commands.... he broke down and told me to find her a dog quickly. LOL!

In the end, it was best because it really made Praline a better spirited child. Talk about having a new child, we had no idea a dog could bring that much happiness to our family! (Picture taken by cousin T) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Wild Cousins

Roux and Praline with their 1st cousins! The funny thing is all three of my sisters had our daughters the same year! Is that wild??? And no, we certainly did not plan it that way but it worked out for the best, now they can really relate to one another.

Update on Pralines 8th month old locks coming soon!
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