Sunday, January 14, 2007

Louisiana Pics


Mrs Dee Locked and Lovin It said...

I love the pictures. I would love more info on creyoles of color and the clementine hunter mural. I'll be headed to the library soon to find books on creoles of color.
Good job sis.


ayankha said...

Thanks for sharing bits of yourself with us. I have been following your ancestral posts and have enjoyed them tremendously. My maternal side is from Lafayette, LA & my paternal side is from Vicksburg, MS. I definitely have Creole heritage running all through me: from the excellent praline I learned to make as a girl to hearing “cher” (pronounced “sheh”in Creole) sprinkled throughout a conversation. Your post had inspired me to rant about the heritage myself. I love this heritage and didn’t realize that I had Creole heritage until I visited my Aunt who had little trinkets in her house (and on her car license plate) expressing our Creole heritage. To me, I thought that was just one of my family's beautiful qwirks. Anyway, I just wanted to show you some love!