Thursday, January 18, 2007

Locs & Basketball

The season is here and we're off to the races with practice and games beginning on Sunday. Praline is our pistol packing point guard and the smallest on her team. She's so funny because she likes her locks to hang when she plays, she says "it brings the girl to the game, mom!"

We noticed that she handles the ball with her left hand when she is actually right handed. We just don't get it... but we let her do her thing.

One of the reasons I quit playing in college back in the early 80's was due to the fact that I was one of the outcast and it was no longer fun. In high school us girls were all alike and when I went to college it was a whole "nother" ball game.

The pic below was taken during the Tournament of Champions State Championship game my Senior year against Grambling High. We lost by 6 points and yes that's me shooting two of my 18 points over the 6'+ girl.

I'm sure I can't get up that high now but it sure is fun showing my pictures to Praline and Roux. As you can see the stands were not full because we were a small town team and my whole town could probably fit on one side of the stadium.

The fun was no longer in the game because the majority of the girls were gay and so were many of the coaches. I was not gay and therefore I was not one of the girls. Back then, we (the team) had to stay in the same dorm which came with many privileges but I always ended up spending more time at my friends dorm until time for bed. I will admit that I was totally intimidated by the arrogance of many teammates and my game also suffered because of it. I'll bet only three or four of us were straight and after one season, no more BB for me and it was over that quickly. Had I known what I know now I would have handled things a lot differently. But that was then, this is now.

PS - I was not the best looking chic in high school therefore I know my marriage is based on love cause Beignet met me while looking like the pic above. Tomboy....all the way!

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ayankha said...

i played BB too but stopped at high school and cheered (and played softball) during those dreadful 4 years. my friends and sister continued to play BB in HS. i will admit that there was a significant number of gay girls on the team, but they were pretty cool, since some of their girlfriends cheered right along side of me. my mother still teaches at my HS and says that lesbianism is more visible (especially for those playing BB) on campus nowadays. it seems like you are a mentor to youth (i'm still reeling seeing you on t.v. in Jamaica). has praline brought up this "phenomenon" to you?

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

This is a loaded subject! Yes, it has come up and we also have several family members and friends(young girls) who are also experimenting with lesbianism. So she see's it everywhere we go.

At times it's difficult to explain as a parent and in the process we promote what we believe which is standing true to God's principles. Adam and Eve and the family as a whole.

Does that mean we condemn and judge others choices, no, but when asked we offer our opinion. Otherwise, we simple listen and help them through their feelings.

From our experience along with Beignets counsel with youth of today, we find that the majority of the girls experimenting with lesbianism come from broken homes and have been abused in some way or another.

I'm not saying this is the case for all girls but it certainly proves to be for many of the girls that come to us with this issue.

Our own family members are dealing with the issue because they do not feel loved and the father is missing in the home.

Jamakared said...

Nice action shots!

ayankha said...

i must really commend you on handling this topic carefully. i just admire that you explain things rather condemn. if i ever become a mommy, i hope to handle things with the grace you have. thanks!

still waters said...


I so get Praline (: I write with my right had and do everything else left handed.

ps glad there are more of us in the world!!!

one love still

Chosen Vessel said...
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Chosen Vessel said...

That is a true skill that Praline dribbles with her left hand but is right handed. I played BBall in highschool and in College but in highschool I loved it but when I got to College for many reasons it was not what I hopped for so I switched my scholarship over to Volleyball and Track & Field. I did not notice the lesbianism until I got to College and it was, believe it or not, a shock because the highschool I attended that was unheard of. We were all heterosexual and very feminine for athletes, our coach had to actually make a rule that during BBall season we could not date because it caused to many distractions(((((Laughs)))), ofcourse that was one rule that was hard to follow, and I must say I secretly dated a gentleman on the boys BBball team :)

Valenciajaz said...

I was never a sports player, always a spectator. But, I've always noticed that THUG look alot of BB girls have and female PE teachers as well. I'm glad that you are standing for/on Biblical Principles. I work at a Middle school in Maryland and I was jaw droppin shocked at a recent school dance to see how the girls (even tho there were plenty of boys present) chose to bump and grind on each other. I know like you that the scripture says that 'there is a way that seems right.' Keep the faith sis.

Chi-chi said...

Go Praline Go! She got skillz, I see that she got them from her Mom (:

Sony said...

yea, college is hard for athletes, especially girls. The gay stereotype is really common but that shouldn't make people feel bad whether they are or not. People are just small minded. I admire them for their discipline. Your daughter is beautiful btw.

Bygbaby said...

My girls started BB tonight & loved it. We put them in a girls BB camp a few months ago & the rest is history. I git some really cute pictures of them in their last game. I was so proud to see them move!

Has Praline challenged you to a game yet?

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Thanks all, for the compliments to Praline.

Please share the photos of the girls, I'd love to see them in action.

Yes, Praline has challenged me and talked big noise because her coach has her thinking she is all of that and more. But, I take no prisoners and had to show her that Mom still had skills. She respects me now. :)

Tra said...

LOL...LaChanda you are my kind of momma! For many reasons but definitely because you have let the little super divas know who the real ORIGINAL Diva is! Rather it is sports or whatever (hehehe).

I am loving the shots of Praline and the comment about "bringing the girl to the game" is classic. Tell her to keep shining!

Bygbaby said...

I just pulled the photos off of my camera. Have a look at this link:


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

HA! They look like they are ready to post some folks up! Oh, but my favorite is the action offense/defense of Olivia & Sade going after the ball!

Big up's to you Dad for keeping those baby girls in sport activities!

Jena Evans said...

You had some "ups"!!!

You go girl!!! I love basketball and see the joy your daughter has in playing the sport. "Bring the girl to the game"... that's right!

Dribble on~

God's way is always the best way... In Him there is no darkness...