Thursday, May 27, 2010

5th Year Lock Birthday

Hi Everyone,
Long time, no post! What can I say other than life is very fruitful and priorities change from day to day, especially with two teenagers. Today I'm posting because my babies are now 5 years old and we've come a long way from the beginning. Some of you remember all of my challenges/drama at installation and Praise all worked out! (Thanks to everyone's support during that time)

My Top 10 List of "Why I LOVE and I'm THANKFUL for my SISTERLOCKS!"

1. Carefree Life Style, yesss baby! I love Free styling!
2. I can still look beautiful without all the fuss!
2. Makes for a life of pure freedom from chemicals and sooo many products!
3. When traveling, I don't have to worry about frizz, curls or styles!
4. When going to the gym, five days a week, I can sweat, wash and go!
5. People stop me to inquire about my locks and I educate them on natural hair!
6. Me and my locks have converted SIX family members!
7. I've met some beautiful Locked Sisters, we've connected and formed forever friendships! (Shout out to all my DFW Girls!)
8. Carol's Daughter products makes my locks healthy, happy and fragrant!
9. I love using the Nappy Lock Tool to maintain my locks!
10. My Locks are 100% all mine, no extentions, no extentions, no extentions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Gym Style

This is how I wear my locks when working out at the gym. I love to eat so I "must" love to workout. We can't live to eat we must eat to live! ~Especially when you at 40+... LOL!

Nothing special for the gym, just trying to keep my thick locks out of my face.