Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Gym Style

This is how I wear my locks when working out at the gym. I love to eat so I "must" love to workout. We can't live to eat we must eat to live! ~Especially when you at 40+... LOL!

Nothing special for the gym, just trying to keep my thick locks out of my face.


Queen Lioness said...

Creyole, YOUR HAIR IS LUXURIOUS! I can't wait until mine needs to be tied back, lol.

Also, and I think may other readers/followers/lurkers will echo the same sentiment, it's wonderful to see you back on the blog :-)

Lisa said...

Creyole, your hair looks absolutely fabulous!!...Wow when mine grow up I hope they'll look as good (they are only just over two years old)...Lol..

Anonymous said...

My baby braidlocks at the top are not quite long enough to get caught up when I try to do a loc pony before I exercise. However, if I keep getting that blood pumping, I think I can look forward to lush lengths like yours. Your hair is gorgeous!

nappy headed black girl said...

What I can see of that tie looks cute!

Where did you purchase it?

Kay said...

I am not a big fan of sisterlocks, but to me yours always look super nice. They appear to be thicker that most sisterlocks. How did you achieve fuller locks, because I was told they always have to be thin?

You're hair is beautiful!

Best Regards,

ivon45 said...

Creoyle your locks are lovely!! It seems I'm subconsciously, following your SisterLock path! :-)

Earlier this year I:
- ran across your 2007 post about A Nappy Affair, and learned that there were groups in my area.
- Got SLs installed,...then took the course.

- Today while gooling: Texas Braiding Curriculum, guess who's post I ran across (again)!

With all that said, where did you attend training.

Lovin Natural said...

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I really look forward to this stage! Lotta looking forward since I haven't even installed! LOL! Anyway, your locks rock! Peace and Blessing!!!

Creyole said...

ivon45, I did my training a couple of years ago at Contessa Rol in Dallas. Mosy beauty colleges have natural certification courses though.

Alana Mitchell - skincare tips said...

Hey Creyole, this is awesome and smart hair style. Please share some skincare tips of head. I have dandruff and i am sick of it, i have tried many hair lotions and shampoos but it didn't worked well.