Thursday, July 02, 2009

2009 ESSENCE Festival

Me and my sister at the 2009 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, LA. Yes, she is my sister that I locked several years ago and due to unresolved medical issues she had to cut all of her locks. Mercy!!! That's another post in itself, she was not happy about having to cut her locks but she still maintains natural hair by wearing a short natural. She is still very beautiful!!!

We had a very good time in New Orleans and natural hair still rules. Carol's Daughter had a special store set up in the French Quarters just duing ESSENCE Festival and our group of 20+ must have spent two hours hanging out with the store employees and buying all kinds of hair products. Our husbands could not believe we hung out that long in one store...LOL! Carol's Daughter is the best, one of my cousins won a basket of products so those two hours were well worth it!!!

Given all of the excitement, laughter and entertainment, I think we'll have to do the ESSENCE Festival as a yearly event!
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Cee said...

You both look great... long time no see. I would have loved to have gone to New Orleans, maybe next year for sure.

Happiest Nappy said...

I am so glad to see you are still taking good care of your Locks. Very pretty!

Detra said...

Sound like fun, never been to New Orleans...putting that on my "places to go" list for next year! Your sister has such versatile features that she looks great with or without the locs. Send her my well wishes. And you and your hair are looking fabulous as usual.

Anonymous said...

hi creyole
just wanted you to know that i miss you posting
i've been going through a yucky loc phase (it's been nearly a 1.5 year and they still don't hang or look like everyone else's sisterlocks) and i fight with myself daily about whether i should continue waiting or just cut them off
this pic of your locs has rejuvenated my determination.
so thank you :)

Sogolocs said...

Sounds like you guys had a memorable moment...Yes, you and your sister just naturally beautiful. Nothing artifical there.


Dennipep said...

You and your sister look beautiful bot just physically, but both inside and out =)