Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wrap-A-Lock IV

Pic of my three week old Wrap-a-Lock style and I have to wash now because cleaning my scalp with astringent can only do so much for me. Otherwise, my curls would last a lot longer.

Included is my recent Wrap-A-Lock install. When she saw my wrapped locs she immediately ordered her packages of Wrap-A-Locks because she knew she wanted to wear hers for a while before taking them down.

Talk about confidence, she is a Director working in Corporate America and would be attending a meeting the next morning, with her Wrap-A-Lock tools. How cool is that?

I forgot to take her before pic (I know) but here's what we did with her five year old Sisterlocks:

1. She has 10-11 inches
2. We used 6 packages (120) of Medium length Wrap-A-Lock tools on her 360 Sisterlocks
3. I wrapped 2 -3 locks on each Wrap-A-Lock Tool using foam mousse

It took her a couple of days getting used to the short length but other than that, she was very pleased with the finished product.

I hope to see her soon so I can get a pic of her take down. It's a process and because she chose to keep the wraps in I had to show her how to take them out so her curl would be the way it was designed by Sis Nandi. More to come on her take down results...

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Remember Thomasa?

Many ask about Thomasa, she being the dedicated teacher she is, does not have enough time to update her blog and hold down her motherly duties to their 2 1/2 children. Yep, she is pregnant and her family is soooo excited!

Anywho, here she is 1.8 years later sporting her Braidlocks. I told her she will need a grooming soon, she can hardly keep up with her retightenings because of the hair growth resulting from the pregnancy.

Her hair is really spongy so it appears to be shorter than it actually is will pulled downard. So there you are

For those of who do not remember Thomasa, here is the pic of the braidlocks from our install day.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Wrap A Loc Takedown

I know what you are thinkning, "what took so long?" Well, I can't explain it all but long story short, I was ill last week and did not take pics of the first day of my takedown. Here are pics of day three though. Yes, these pics were taken three days after my first take down!!!!

The first day, curls were tighter and funky looking. Not that I look for compliments, but they sure did come like I've never had them before. My hair was a conversation piece for the day, and I took full advantage of educating all who inquired.

I plan on setting them again soon and I will be sure to post pics of the first day takedown. I LOVE WRAP A LOCS!!!

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