Monday, February 26, 2007

The Cadet Sisters

We have the awesome pleasure of housing the Cadet Sisters (click onthe name, pronounced Ca-day) this week and who would have known the blessings God had in store for our family by opening our home to them??
They are also Seventh-day Adventists and are in Texas to preform at for a Youth Convention.
Last Sabbath, we went with them to four engagements and we were completely filled with the spirit of praise and song!

Their mother, Ketty is the epitome of a Christian woman who has completed home school for three girls and they are now in college. She is now home schooling the remaining three girls and they love home school.
The spirit of love, peace and joy has been increased in our home and I cannot even begin to tell you about the delicious dishes they have prepared for us each day.

Ketty and her hubby, Eddi are both natives of Haiti (creoles) and if you remember my previous post about my Paternal Haitian roots, this experience comes at a time that could not be more perfect. They actually know of my surnamed family members and I've learned that they were very prominent people in Haiti.

The Cadet girls were reared in Illinois and they now reside in Utah. Their ministry is one to be appreciated in a time where most girls are doing the unthinkable. They are humble, polite, kind, helpful, joyful, loving and most of all they love the Lord!

Roux and Praline are both enjoying the company, Roux feels like he has six adopted sisters and Praline is taking in all of their musical and travel experiences. Here he is pictured like the big man on campus!!! ((lol)) They went to the mall and the girls picked out these shoes from him.
Ketty has been preparing the best dishes, here is the latest and I was full as a tick! This dish consists of peas & rice, smothered tofu and potatoes with grilled onions and bellpeppers. The Cadet's are vegans and we practice the vegaterian diet at home only so Beignet is especially over indulging himself in all of this good eating!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Black History Tribute

You ask who is that? This is my maternal grandpa (GP) and the story as to how he became my GP is even more fascinating!

My GP was born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi and his mother died when he was just a small boy. His father married a woman shortly afterwards and she brought her own children into the marriage. She would mistreat GP and his siblings terribly bad, especially the boys. Close to a Cinderella story in the reverse role.

We never discussed exactly where his mother and father were from but he spoke often about his Geechee heritage, some now refer to Geechee as Gullah. Geechee's were the first residents brought to the United States and enslaved from many African nations. Another good reason for my bunching hair mixture. Read more here on Geechee.

GP and his childhood friend decided that they could have a better life elsewhere. The two young men took off walking and hitch-hiking their way through the most racist rural areas in Mississippi during the early 1930's. GP often told us that the KKK was not the worst of their fears, they we trying to survive.

Finally, after days of walking and hitching rides they made it safely from MS to New Orleans, LA. When they arrived they were hungry, tired and needed a place bathe. They decided to do a random knock at a house which turned out to be a white man and his wife. Mr. H opened his home to the two young black men, he and his wife fed them, allowed them to clean up and gave them rest for the night. Is that amazing for the 1930's????

After resting, Mr. H and his wife offered GP to stay with him and help them care for their home. (not sure whatever happened to GP's friend) Mr. H was a lieutenant in the Civilian Conservation Corps and soon after my GP moved in with Mr H and his wife, GP joined the CCC. GP esteemed Mr. H for being a good man and the reason for his surviving his journey from MS. to LA.

GP moved to a small town in LA with the CCC where my maternal grandmother (GM) grew up. He would go to her job to buy fresh milk every morning, boy have times changed. I guess they had some kind of connection, they were both twins. (lol)

GM was 18 and GP was 22 when they were married in 1938. From that union, 10 children were born, five girls and five boys, my mother was the first girl and number four.

After leaving the CCC, GP began working at a paper mill which provided him the resources to take care of my GM and all 10 children. He bought land (which many of the family members live on today) and built their home . He eventually retired from the mill and enjoyed life traveling to visit relatives all over the US because he was also a favorite uncle to many nieces & nephews. In fact, the pic of him above is from a niece who paid for his entire trip to Los Angeles to visit family there.

My GP was one of the funniest people I've ever known, if you were in his presence you were guaranteed a "good ole knee slapping time!" He often had a bad understanding about phones though, it disturbed him when I used the phone for a long period of time because he thought local calls were like long distant calls and would tell me I was "running up" his phone bill. Oh, how I miss him!

One story I like to tell is of GP and his neighbor Mr. Buddy, Mr Buddy always had pigs that got out and found their way on GP's property. Regardless of the many pleas to Mr. Buddy to keep his pigs on his own property the pigs still found their way back to GP's house. Well, one day GP had had enough, he always kept his pistol on him when he was driving or gardening. The poor pig came over on the wrong day, Mr. Buddy saw the pig and started running over to get the pig but it just was not fast enough. All we could hear Mr. Buddy yelling was nooooooooooooooo!!
GP took out his pint of whisky, took a swallow, grabbed his pistol and shot the pig right between his eyes. GP then looked up and told Mr. Buddy...."I told you to keep your pigs on your own property." From that day on, Mr. Buddy never let another pig get out and GP & Mr. Buddy remained friends even after that episode.

GP did not have one mean grop of blood in his body...but he was a man of words! He was a tall & bold man and I was always proud of him! As a teenage, if there was any possibility of trouble I just had to let people know who my GP was and it was over.

GM is still alive and well today but GP succumbed to cancer in 1997 and is now resting in his grave waiting for that great getting up morning when the "dead in Christ shall rise first" I Thessalonians 4:16.

And that's my little known Black History tribute!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wrap it Up!

I found a cute little Juicy scarf at Nordstrom last week and decided to play with it by wrapping up my locks. The weather has been so nice the past few days and I could actually wear my hair up without the cold breeze on my neck.

Oh, the attention I received...for whatever reason my locks seemed to glow right through the wrap, now I'm getting the itch and ready for a visit to the local fabric store.

Here I'm working through a computer situation and Roux decided to snap me in thought?? Well, I decided to keep it since he thought he was so being funny! ha ha, Roux..Mom still loves ya!
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Waco Gathering I

This was another fab time with the SLocker's, the time passed too fast and again I was left feeling like I needed more time to socialize. It's never enough but I was thankful for the time we spent together. What a fantastic group of ladies!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Trouble in the Camp, not with the Original G's

Two months ago DS (Dear Sistah) gave me permission to take her pic and approval to use on my blog as a testimony of locked hair. After taking the pic, I gave DS my gal card with my contact information and blog site. When I posted the pic I did not use DS real name, only her pic with me and another SL buddy. You see, I know DS...but I don't know DS.

I received a "restricted call" on my cell phone over the weekend (first off, I never answer restricted calls, but did this time) from DS and I could hear and feel fear in her voice. She explained that two of her friends in two different cities were on a particular forum where several men were discussing a picture the three of us took together and they were having inappropriate conversations about us. The chat referenced back to the December post of the three of us on my blog. DS could not give me any information on the forum only that her two friends were following the chats.

So, due to DS fear of people tracking us down, she requested that I remove her pic from my blog. Ok, being the understanding person I am, I apologized for the anxiety that I may have caused her and I agreed to remove our picture. In all fairness, I don't question others fears.

When I asked DS if she had viewed my blog along with the pic that she allowed/agreed for me to post on my blog, her response was "no, I don't know much about blogs, email or the Internet." Wow, so two people can call and get a person all worked up when the evidence has not been read or seen? Hummmmmm, is it me or does it seem like something else is going on here? Maybe not, I'm just asking?

Ok, so after I agreed and apologized for any unintentional distress, DS then went on to say "aren't you afraid of showing pics of your child and family?" Say what??? Don't get things twisted; you can trip with me but don't mess with my family. I would never jeopardize my family's well being for anything in this world. I almost took offense to the question, however, I considered the source and had to understand that DS may have had a legitimate concern because of her own personal fears and she may not have meant to be offensive.

So, let's get the record straight...if for any reason, I believe my family may possibly be harmed due to our blogs (me & Praline) they would be down today. Since, I do not at this time believe there is a true concern, our blogs will remain up.

I agreed to remove the pic when I really did not have to, but I did out of concern for DS. Is that not enough???

My blog was created to promote positive and uplifting testimonials for those that want to be educated about natural hair, locks and sometimes my spiritual walk with God. I have met many people that I respect and formed friendships that otherwise would not have ever happened had it not been for LockItUp or blogs. For those relationships alone, I am eternally grateful! These two pics exemplifies strength, friendship, and courage, they were taken during one of our the fall gatherings. All in the name of Blog. (the "L" sign is for Locks not Losers! So, don't go trying to be funny! )

I digress, at the end of our conversation, DS indicated " I'd appreciate if you take my pic off your blog. Ok, it's done, I understand, forgive me! I sure hope DS does not lose sleep over this......

After the call, I immediately shared the conversation with Beignet and his response was "don't worry about that, your blog is fine and I don't think it is posing a threat to our family." Beignet went on to say "we run in to far more people on the street everyday that can do more damage than anyone harming you and Praline over your blogs." Case closed, as long as my Beignet is comfortable with our blogs...I'm ok! Now, I guess I will have to be very careful with whom I post on my blog!

BTW, what chat rooms do people hang out where there are inappropriate conversations about three women standing in a pic showing their beautiful locks? Never mind, don't answer. That chat room seems more disturbing than anything on my blog. I certainly don't surround myself around those kinds of chat rooms!!

Just in case there are any crazy things going on in cyber space, I plead the blood of Jesus right now that all demonic spirits will be removed from my family and my blog at this very moment! But, most of all I ask for peace to consume DS so that she can rest in your Love.

Needed to vent.......

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bygbaby's Quench Essentials

Brother Locked Bygbaby introduced his new online store and since I'm always in the market for new body moisturizers. I ordered the "Naked" & "Earth" Body Mousse. As soon as I received it in the mail, which by the way was received two days after ordering. I popped open the bottle and used both of them right after showering. I love the natural feel of the mousse and I especially like the Earth.. For some strange reason, I thought Naked would be some kind of aphrodisiac aroma but I guess I was over thinking the product (Christians can have fun too!). But instead, it's exactly what it says... "Naked" meaning it does not interfere with your daily fragrances but still feels great on your skin.

Anywoo, "Earth" certainly appealed to my senses and left my skin feeling nice and moist. If you are not used to using all natural ingredients it may take you a little time to get used to the consistency and texture....but for me, it's a winner hands down. Whole Foods is in for a big surprise!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wavy Locks

Sue and I ride home from work in the afternoons on the Downtown Express bus and I saw her sportin a beautiful wavy locked hairstyle this week. After harassing her about how she did it, she shared the creative plaiting formation and I went home and immediately put about 20 plaits in my head after spritzing with Carol's Daughter Leave in Conditioner. I usually french braid my hair but I tried the plaits for the first time, woke up the next morning, took them out and I loved the finished product.

You can see Sue's a lot better than mine in this pic but wow.......I received so many compliments on the wavy look. It was so quick & easy!

Just another style I thought I'd share, passed on from Sue!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Praline has her own Blog!

Finally, we decided to buckle down and have a Blog tutorial for Ms. Praline. She's catching on and her blog is finally in action.

Check her out at her new blog site : Praline