Monday, February 26, 2007

The Cadet Sisters

We have the awesome pleasure of housing the Cadet Sisters (click onthe name, pronounced Ca-day) this week and who would have known the blessings God had in store for our family by opening our home to them??
They are also Seventh-day Adventists and are in Texas to preform at for a Youth Convention.
Last Sabbath, we went with them to four engagements and we were completely filled with the spirit of praise and song!

Their mother, Ketty is the epitome of a Christian woman who has completed home school for three girls and they are now in college. She is now home schooling the remaining three girls and they love home school.
The spirit of love, peace and joy has been increased in our home and I cannot even begin to tell you about the delicious dishes they have prepared for us each day.

Ketty and her hubby, Eddi are both natives of Haiti (creoles) and if you remember my previous post about my Paternal Haitian roots, this experience comes at a time that could not be more perfect. They actually know of my surnamed family members and I've learned that they were very prominent people in Haiti.

The Cadet girls were reared in Illinois and they now reside in Utah. Their ministry is one to be appreciated in a time where most girls are doing the unthinkable. They are humble, polite, kind, helpful, joyful, loving and most of all they love the Lord!

Roux and Praline are both enjoying the company, Roux feels like he has six adopted sisters and Praline is taking in all of their musical and travel experiences. Here he is pictured like the big man on campus!!! ((lol)) They went to the mall and the girls picked out these shoes from him.
Ketty has been preparing the best dishes, here is the latest and I was full as a tick! This dish consists of peas & rice, smothered tofu and potatoes with grilled onions and bellpeppers. The Cadet's are vegans and we practice the vegaterian diet at home only so Beignet is especially over indulging himself in all of this good eating!!!!


Jena Evans said...

Very nice blog post... This is a cool family serving the Lord and serving up goodness across the dinner table, too. That vegan dish looks delicious.
How big is Roux's foot? Goodness!!!

soontobenatural said...

I went to their website and listened to some of the songs there. They are awesome! And also very beautiful! They are wonderful examples for today's young ladies!

Brenda said...

What wonderfully inspiring young ladies! And ditto what Jen said!

Creyole said...

Ya'll are too funny! My Roux shoe is only a size 10 it just looks huge because it is white. He begged me to take that pic out and I refused! (((lol)))

Linda said...

Well, I'm sure you had a wonderful, but busy weekend. I've been there having hosted kids from PFA choir and drama. These are wonderfu experiences for the whole family.I've heard of these young ladies, but have not had the chance to hear them in person. Did they perform for the Youth prayer (?) conference in TX? I wish we could have sent a group down, but we are restructuring our youth ministry. That dish looks good, what was it?

keisha said...


Great blog on the Cadet Sisters. They are annointed sisters and I wanted to share their web address so that people may hear and order their heavenly music.


Creyole said...

Yes, the sisters are anoited and the link is embedded in my post where their name is underlined. If you will click on it you'll be able to view their website.

Patticake said...

Very cool! I am sure you have had so much fun at your house. And what a blessing to find out about your heritage AND to have food prepared for you. Wonderful!

Maryee said...

Beautiful post about the cadets, the food and Roux's shoe! :-)

Zayne said...

I've watched the Cadet sisters on 3ABN so many times!! They sing beautifully. And it's nice to meet a SDA sister-locker blogger.
God Bless (from St. Lucia)

Creyole said...

Please email me offline we're considering a trip to St Lucia.

Edwige said...

I'm a fan of the Cadet sisters as well, being Haitian and Seventh-day Adventist. Just wanted to tell you that your SL's are gorgeous and I can't wait to lock mine. :)

Anonymous said...


it must have really been great having them around..

i really love how they sing..

they're wonderful..

may God continue to bless their ministry..

sadly, i can't see them in person..

i am from the like a thousand miles away..

Anonymous said...

ive seen them first on 3ABN and now i keep on watching their videos on youtube..

i really really want to get to know them..

by the way, im Sophia and im 19 years old..

Anonymous said...

am Sheila Ashley from the Bahamas in the caribbean.

what is the name of the cadet sister
standing at the back of creyole in the first picture? i think she is the only of the sisters that plays the piano.

give her my personal email address
to contact me to come to the bahamas and perform

Femi said...

I love the Cadet sisters music. I find it refreshing and inspiring. I admire not only their prodigous musical talent but their modesty. In the context of modern entertainment, even christian entertainment, this is a refreshing departure. Their music transcends the realm of entertainment and belongs where it ought to-in the realm of ministry!
I am looking forward to the day these young ladies will be performing in my island of St.Lucia. It would be a great honour to get to meet them personally.May God continue to bless you all!