Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bygbaby's Quench Essentials

Brother Locked Bygbaby introduced his new online store and since I'm always in the market for new body moisturizers. I ordered the "Naked" & "Earth" Body Mousse. As soon as I received it in the mail, which by the way was received two days after ordering. I popped open the bottle and used both of them right after showering. I love the natural feel of the mousse and I especially like the Earth.. For some strange reason, I thought Naked would be some kind of aphrodisiac aroma but I guess I was over thinking the product (Christians can have fun too!). But instead, it's exactly what it says... "Naked" meaning it does not interfere with your daily fragrances but still feels great on your skin.

Anywoo, "Earth" certainly appealed to my senses and left my skin feeling nice and moist. If you are not used to using all natural ingredients it may take you a little time to get used to the consistency and texture....but for me, it's a winner hands down. Whole Foods is in for a big surprise!

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Ree! said...

Hey, I like your hair... me gustaria tenerlo asi

Bygbaby said...

OMG, I am really impressed with how fast the delivery has been using the post office! I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed both packages.

When we are out and about selling our products locally, we always get an ohhhhhhhhh naked response & when they find that there is no scent, the look on their face is priceless. I try not to lead the ladies on LOL.

Thanks again & stay moist(no pun intended, just a brotha having fun with words!).


Mahogany_Butterfly said...

Your hair is gorgeous!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Bygbaby, you are a mess! After my work out today I could still see the moisture on my legs. Awesome, it works all day long.

Thanks for the nice compliment!

CloudNine said...

Mmmmm...I love new products. And since winter has hit this sistas skin hard I may have to order some.

Thanks for the review!