Monday, February 12, 2007

Trouble in the Camp, not with the Original G's

Two months ago DS (Dear Sistah) gave me permission to take her pic and approval to use on my blog as a testimony of locked hair. After taking the pic, I gave DS my gal card with my contact information and blog site. When I posted the pic I did not use DS real name, only her pic with me and another SL buddy. You see, I know DS...but I don't know DS.

I received a "restricted call" on my cell phone over the weekend (first off, I never answer restricted calls, but did this time) from DS and I could hear and feel fear in her voice. She explained that two of her friends in two different cities were on a particular forum where several men were discussing a picture the three of us took together and they were having inappropriate conversations about us. The chat referenced back to the December post of the three of us on my blog. DS could not give me any information on the forum only that her two friends were following the chats.

So, due to DS fear of people tracking us down, she requested that I remove her pic from my blog. Ok, being the understanding person I am, I apologized for the anxiety that I may have caused her and I agreed to remove our picture. In all fairness, I don't question others fears.

When I asked DS if she had viewed my blog along with the pic that she allowed/agreed for me to post on my blog, her response was "no, I don't know much about blogs, email or the Internet." Wow, so two people can call and get a person all worked up when the evidence has not been read or seen? Hummmmmm, is it me or does it seem like something else is going on here? Maybe not, I'm just asking?

Ok, so after I agreed and apologized for any unintentional distress, DS then went on to say "aren't you afraid of showing pics of your child and family?" Say what??? Don't get things twisted; you can trip with me but don't mess with my family. I would never jeopardize my family's well being for anything in this world. I almost took offense to the question, however, I considered the source and had to understand that DS may have had a legitimate concern because of her own personal fears and she may not have meant to be offensive.

So, let's get the record straight...if for any reason, I believe my family may possibly be harmed due to our blogs (me & Praline) they would be down today. Since, I do not at this time believe there is a true concern, our blogs will remain up.

I agreed to remove the pic when I really did not have to, but I did out of concern for DS. Is that not enough???

My blog was created to promote positive and uplifting testimonials for those that want to be educated about natural hair, locks and sometimes my spiritual walk with God. I have met many people that I respect and formed friendships that otherwise would not have ever happened had it not been for LockItUp or blogs. For those relationships alone, I am eternally grateful! These two pics exemplifies strength, friendship, and courage, they were taken during one of our the fall gatherings. All in the name of Blog. (the "L" sign is for Locks not Losers! So, don't go trying to be funny! )

I digress, at the end of our conversation, DS indicated " I'd appreciate if you take my pic off your blog. Ok, it's done, I understand, forgive me! I sure hope DS does not lose sleep over this......

After the call, I immediately shared the conversation with Beignet and his response was "don't worry about that, your blog is fine and I don't think it is posing a threat to our family." Beignet went on to say "we run in to far more people on the street everyday that can do more damage than anyone harming you and Praline over your blogs." Case closed, as long as my Beignet is comfortable with our blogs...I'm ok! Now, I guess I will have to be very careful with whom I post on my blog!

BTW, what chat rooms do people hang out where there are inappropriate conversations about three women standing in a pic showing their beautiful locks? Never mind, don't answer. That chat room seems more disturbing than anything on my blog. I certainly don't surround myself around those kinds of chat rooms!!

Just in case there are any crazy things going on in cyber space, I plead the blood of Jesus right now that all demonic spirits will be removed from my family and my blog at this very moment! But, most of all I ask for peace to consume DS so that she can rest in your Love.

Needed to vent.......


Mahogany_Butterfly said...

WOW that is so crazy and for some reason the story doesn't make sense to me but at least you respected her feelings.

brunsli said...

I worry about this too -- but I think there are so many bigger problems -- like elementary school stalkers! Who knows what goes on in chat rooms? Who cares?

There is so much information out there ... have you ever "googled" your phone number?

RJQueen10 said...


When I first came on to your site, that was the first thing that caught my attention. How open you were with your photos of you and your family. I am originally from California so I am naturally suspicious about most things. I also had a negative experience online with chat rooms and stuff. But my own contribution to the problem was that I was still in the "world" doing "world" things. I was "new" and not strong in my Christian growth and faith as I am today. I was still a "diamond in the rough" Christian if you can understand what I mean.

My second feeling I experienced after coming to your site, was gratitude. I am thankful that God allowed you the confidence in yourself and your family to share with the world, your natural haircare journey, your spiritual walk, and your strong sense of family love. It was healing to see a sister express genuine adoration for her husband of (16???) years. I pray for the days I will be able to rejoice in the longevity of blessings I have received from God.

Well, that is my two cents. Keep on doing what you are doing, because you are doing it so very well.


Cluizel said...

Wow...that's crazy...I'm actually speechless (which doesn't happen often)

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I know it caa get a little scary but I'm just not yet convicted to do anything differently.

Thanks for your honest response and true concern for my family! You are next in line for a blessing, your timing is not God's timing. We must wait on the Lord!
Blessings, my sistah!

Brenda said...

We all know there are crazy people out there and I did give it some thought before I started. But I just try to be careful that there's not too much identifying information on there.

Anonymous said...

not related to the topic at hand, but creyole, are you going to add a link to praline's blog?

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Hummm, thought I had already. If it's not there yes I will add the link to her blog.

Natacha said...

Creyole, let me first say that you need not concern yourself with someone else's ill-founded concerns. Secondly, I very seriously DOUBT that DS story is even truthful. It just doesn't ring true to me. Not that someone can't take a photo off of one's blog and post it elsewhere, but what are the ODDS that both of her friends could find it???? Also, (I'm on a tangent if she knew that you posted photos of your family on your blog, seems to me that she's seen your blog. How else would she have known that??? Hmmmmmm, sounds suspicious ta me!!!! Shake the dust off of your feet and move on and she needs to build a bridge and get over it.

PS - I'm so happy you laughed at my Hot Mess 2006 blog entry. It's all about giving someone a good laugh and I'm happy it made you laugh, that's good for the soul!!

Stay beautiful.. Natacha

BlaqKofi said...

C, you know how I'm always saying it takes a special kind of woman to be Sisterlocked. We are kindred spirits. However, the devil is always busy - to and fro - seeking to destroy. You are surrounded by friends who love you and your family. DS' story sounds fishy and quite frankly, you're probably better off removing the photo. We'll pray her blessings and send her on her way!

AFunkyKindaGlow said...

It sounds like the lady in question saw her picture and decided she didn't like it anymore, and did not want it to be on show, which is something I have done in the past but I was honest with my friend and told her to please remove the picture that made me feel so ugly! and she was happy to, as I also would be if the tables were turned.
I love your blog, it was crucial factor in my decision to get sl's, keep it up!

Cee said...

I think some people are so worried about the internet and cyber space and the people you see everyday on the streets are the ones you need to worry about. I have friends who are so afraid of the internet, will not even chat to anyone... thinking they are all crazies. I have met so many nice people online men and women, I just figure God is watching out for me. I love your blog, keep on doing what you are doing.

CloudNine said...

I am not certain I know what to say? Something is a bit "stank"...I just do not follow DS's logic?? (seems like there are a few chapters missing from this story...but, who I am too judge.

I have thought about internet safety (we all have too)...but dang, is it that serious, it is a picture...a tasteful one at that. I think you have done an excellent job balancing the information that you post!

daez said...

Hi Creyole!
I just want to say I'm sorry you experienced this with you DS, and to say I've had a website for 6 years with pictures of my whole family posted, including the location of where they live...and NO ONE has ever bothered any of them!! My website has been visited by thousands of people, and they are the most precious things in my LIFE...I would never put them in harms way!! I've been recognized on the street plenty of times, but no has ever bothered me other than to say they "know" who I am...

My now 14 year old grandson has a website that he and I created when he was 9, and there is a link on my's childish and silly, but no one has ever done a thing to hurt or harm or even embarass him throughout the years...the kind of people who would do stuff like that aren't looking at your blog or my website...keep doing you and your beloved family beautiful lady...(((HUGS)))
....just me...daez

Chosen Vessel said...
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Chosen Vessel said...


I have enjoyed your blog ever since I got connected with Lock-it-up. You are always open, warm but you still seem to carefully protect the identity of the people you post about whether it is family, friends, church family, locking buddies etc. I told my husband about this and he said there are internet stockers out there but as long as you are careful to not put any personal information on there like your address, first & last name, etc. you should be fine. I think you have done that well.

I have always been a little concerned about doing anything on the internet like using my credit card on secure sites etc. but I finally had to get over myself, because the internet is the way of the world. When I first did my blog I had to change a few things because I thought I had given out just a little too much information just in case a stalker or someone who is trying to still my identity could piece together information and do some damage (I had a friend whose Identity was stolen and it was a nightmare). But now I feel confident that I am ok. This post did encourage me to go back and re-check some things on my blog to make sure.

One thing my husband pointed out is that when we are saving pictures, whatever name we save them under on our computer, when you post them onto your blog that is the name that will show up, so I had to go back and rename some pictures.

I just wanted to say that not only do we continue to take the precautions to protect ourselves, but we have a God that sees all and as you prayed and I too, I believe He will protect us and our families and friends from all hurt, harm, or danger.

Sorry for the long message, just had to share my thoughts.

Sophia said...

Hello, my name is Sophia and I have been enjoying your blog for the past couple of weeks. I am a trained sisterlocks consultant (trainee) in Corona, CA. Just wanted to comment on your post of the DS. Your blog is wonderful and your daughter is precious and an inspiration to other young girls. Not only to talk about Sisterlocks but to write and share her joy with others. Please don't feel a pain about the negative comments that DS made because you have motivated me to stat a blog page on yahoo 360 about my day to day living. Sisterlocks for me is about freedom of express in many ways so vent and keep going. I have listed my page on yahoo for your to put a picture with the name. Thank you and bless to you and your family.

Tra said...

Creyole you are a class act sis. I have been blessed by the stories and the information that you share on your blog. You handled this situation well as you always seem to do.

Keep caring and keep sharing.


Locksuluv Hair Affair said...

Wow, that is so unfortunate to hear. I love your blog and go to it often....especially for your heritage pieces and hair care tips...I hope that that doesn't keep you from sharing your blog with the rest of your natural hair family. By the way, Chicago got together for the first time, 02/10/07 for our first gathering and I mentioned that DFW and West Coast were such inspirations to us;

Stop by my blog to see the pictures: