Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Want Muscle!

From the famous words of Diana Ross...I Want Muscle and my goal this summer is to get toned! I've been sticking to my exercise two sometimes three times a week and diet (well slightly cheating every once and a while) regimen to get the flap under control. You know the fat that continues to wave under your arm after you have stopped? Yeah, well after posting on my certification and seeing a little muscle I thought ok, this is working.

So to those of you wondering how I got results??? I will share a bit of a secret for you who need the extra "umpf" like me to kick out the extra fat. Some can do by completely controlling their eating habits but I must admit I really enjoy food and especially indulging in sweets. I know, that's the problem but I needed the help because I'm in a wedding in two months and we have two others to attend and I've got to be right.

Here's what I use to help me, ready? Drum roll......... Hydroxycut "Hardcore" Please don't run out and buy a bottle and start downing them without doing your research. Google hydroxycut and check out the pros and cons for yourself. This is a temporary fix for me and I plan to only take them for another two weeks and I'll be on my way.

Additionally, since hydroxycut is a fat burner it is most effective when using it while working out and cutting back, it does however decrease your appetite. The recommended dosage is about six a day and I'm way too paranoid to take that many so I take two a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon before my workout.

Oh, I'm loving my locks too!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TRA"s Bantu Knots

Ms TRA installed her wonderful bantu knots for me and she really has a nice little technique for my hair type. I love the results and almost wore the knots to work but thought I'd better wait for the weekend instead. Got a little too excited!

Even after taking them down I didn't want to pull them a part. They were just lovely and I still have lots of curls after all the rain and humidity today. She was so funny because she really got to see just how thick my wild hair is.

To get this style TRA spritzed my hair with water and used about five to six locks for each bantu knot. And there you go...much better than my attempt.

A funny thing happened while she was putting in my knots, I was just sharing how some of my locks had snapped off mostly due to the change in pattern a year ago and that I had lost one the night before. I had it in my little pink bag that I carry with me and showed her the damaged lock. As soon as she grabbed another patch of locks one of my locks that was hanging on for dear life fell off and it was located in a different area in which she was working. She freaked out and I assured her it was not her fault but I would have loved for you all to have seen the look on her face when she watched it fall on the floor. (LOL)

TRA...thanks so much for assisting me with my bantu knots and a special thank you for the laughter you almost seem to bring me!

At any rate, I could lose about 10 locks and you would never be able to tell with the forest on my head, that 's the blessing of having thick and double dense hair.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Did It!

The 35 hour class is over and I now hold my Braiders certification. What did I learn?? Sterilization, sterilization and sterilize even more. I was able to practice twisting locks, cornrolls and adding hair to braids. Much of which confirms what I already know how to do, but a nice refresher.

I don't really like adding hair to braids that but if I did it I'd be real careful not to put too much tension at the base of the braids which can cause hair loss. Then, one locking pattern made from twists and twisting to maintain locks.

After taking the class I'm sure that the state only really wants to make a little change off of us folks to do what we know how to do with our own hair and most importantly the prevention of spreading infectious diseases.

I'm happy and now I can feel good about maintaining locks and also starting new heads. My goal is only four to five people a month. What a nice hobby to do something I like. I'm now well on my way to officially and state certified maintaining and installing tool assisted locks and braids.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crinkle Wave Locks

I saw the most beautiful locks on Natacha Here and quickly asked her to share the styling tips. She graciously shared Kina's Fotki Album and I went for it. While my locks are much shorter than Kina's I think the turned out ok!

I assume when my locks are a bit longer I'll get more body with a wavier curl pattern as Kina's.
Thanks so much for sharing Kina's link Ms. Natacha!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged Again

My lock buddy Kim, from Roots & Culture has tagged me! Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Here are my first five facts listed in my original tag post and I'll add two new ones:

Original Five Tag Post

6. I'm addicted to colonics and schedule them once a quarter. I love the way I feel afterwards, it's like being clean as a whistle from all of the waste that adheres to the colon over a period of time. I know this may sound a little wierd but until you have one....don't trip on me. (lol)

7. I'm working on my braider/lock Texas Certification and loving it, soon to be finished.... 6/20/07

Let's see, who shall I tag that has not been already? Only three, everyone else has been tagged

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lock Student Client

I started my locking/braiders certification and will have my 35 hours completed next week. This is my first official lock student client, excluding Mrs Dee, Praline and Thomasa, her mom brought her to me for a retightening after seeing mine and Praline's locks.

I took this picture to show the difference in the tightened and non-tightened locks, can you tell? If you notice the top part of the head is not retightened and the ones underneath are tightened. She was a awesome client and we only stopped once in two & half hours for a restroom break. What do you think?

I will be retightening all of my friends and family with the nappy tool and specializing in "tool assisted locks" only. Additionally, I'm having fun and will keep you posted on my certification completion date!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ministry Time Again - Tribute to Beignet!

We are preparing for our ministry trips and are scheduled to speak in three different cities at "Youth Rallies" this summer with Maranatha Youth Ministries, our 501(3c) non-profit organization for youth.

We needed an updated picture for advertisements so Roux took this pic of us. It turned out pretty nice..... no need to pay an expensive photographer when we have our very own in house photographer.

Both Roux and Praline take part in our speaking engagements. Roux is in charge of the PowerPoint presentation, set-up, videography and photography. Praline is our "special music," she sings before and after Beignet speaks.

It is so rewarding to minister to young people, they seem to be interested in what Beignet has to say. We've humbly received many letters from youth indicating they were on the verge of suicide before hearing his/our message and afterwards they have a glimpse of hope to carry on past their trials. Some are just thankful to know that blessings come in all forms of hope. How sad to have adult trials during teenage years, these should be the most fun times. I remember being a youth and I have never experienced half of what our youth experience today.

I know the Lord has given Beignet a special gift and testimony to share with many and he is obedient enough to accept the responsibility of Gods mission for his life.

I am so honored to be blessed with such a wonderful husband and there is no other I would rather spend my life with. Let me share a little of what I mean when I say Beignet has been obedient to the Lord of this earth:
  • After playing 5 years in the NFL he turned down his 6th year contract with the Washington Redskins because of his spiritual conviction of the Sabbath. Praise God, he played long enough to get his pension and came out of the league healthy. Thus, our ministry was born.
  • He went back to school and completed his degree at Southern Methodist University because he was drafted before finishing and did not feel comfortable encouraging youth to go to school without completing his own degree.
  • After graduating he received a "very" nice offer from a global beverage leader and worked for them for two years with all the perks, then decided it was not fulfilling his desire to help the youth of our community. So, he decided to resign. (I accepted his vision and encouraged him the whole was tough though cause that $$$ were real good)
  • After resigning, he stayed home with the kids for the summer and applied/prayed for a job working with youth. When the kids started school he was offered a job as a Juvenile Probation Officer and when he received the call it was as if he had a offer from a Bill Gates himself. That's when I really realized his heart is in helping youth. (lol, ok, forget the $$$)

Today, he is a administrator in the alternative school system where 10 - 19 year olds are plagued by drugs (Cheese), unstable homes and consistent disruptive behavior. He is not your usual drill Sargent he is humble, kind spirited and a gentle giant. He really seeks to provide guidance so that his students know and understand that they do not have to accept the troubled demons of their current and past situations.

This is just a short synopsis of who my Beignet is, there is so much more but I would have to post everyday to share with you the one I adore so much. God is constantly blessing us and I must uplift Him because he has never allowed us to go without necessities or pleasures of life. Beignet is my friend, the man of my life, second to God of course and I am truly grateful for him.......

There is not much in this post about my locks and I had no intentions on sharing this part of my life but this is where I was lead. Hope you enjoyed reading about my blessing!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Lunch Time!

My buddy TRA called one day this week and said "hey I'm in the area, can we grab some lunch"? I ripped my grip out of my desk and ran out to of the office so quick my head was spinning. Who could turn down a lunch with a fab lock sister.....even though I was having a bad hair day. Better yet...a lazy day.

TRA after downloading the pics I realized we should have used a better background than the run down garage. Oh well, the lunch and conversation was to die for. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I got the call.............laughter is like medicine to the soul and I had a blast laughing with you and your wild sense of humor.

We talked about kids , summer plans, family stuff and most of all locks and styles. TRA's locks are so nice, heathy and really growing that I was convinced to try her famous badtu knots after seeing her behavin curls, I'll have to share pics next time!

Thanks for stopping in TRA!
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