Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ministry Time Again - Tribute to Beignet!

We are preparing for our ministry trips and are scheduled to speak in three different cities at "Youth Rallies" this summer with Maranatha Youth Ministries, our 501(3c) non-profit organization for youth.

We needed an updated picture for advertisements so Roux took this pic of us. It turned out pretty nice..... no need to pay an expensive photographer when we have our very own in house photographer.

Both Roux and Praline take part in our speaking engagements. Roux is in charge of the PowerPoint presentation, set-up, videography and photography. Praline is our "special music," she sings before and after Beignet speaks.

It is so rewarding to minister to young people, they seem to be interested in what Beignet has to say. We've humbly received many letters from youth indicating they were on the verge of suicide before hearing his/our message and afterwards they have a glimpse of hope to carry on past their trials. Some are just thankful to know that blessings come in all forms of hope. How sad to have adult trials during teenage years, these should be the most fun times. I remember being a youth and I have never experienced half of what our youth experience today.

I know the Lord has given Beignet a special gift and testimony to share with many and he is obedient enough to accept the responsibility of Gods mission for his life.

I am so honored to be blessed with such a wonderful husband and there is no other I would rather spend my life with. Let me share a little of what I mean when I say Beignet has been obedient to the Lord of this earth:
  • After playing 5 years in the NFL he turned down his 6th year contract with the Washington Redskins because of his spiritual conviction of the Sabbath. Praise God, he played long enough to get his pension and came out of the league healthy. Thus, our ministry was born.
  • He went back to school and completed his degree at Southern Methodist University because he was drafted before finishing and did not feel comfortable encouraging youth to go to school without completing his own degree.
  • After graduating he received a "very" nice offer from a global beverage leader and worked for them for two years with all the perks, then decided it was not fulfilling his desire to help the youth of our community. So, he decided to resign. (I accepted his vision and encouraged him the whole was tough though cause that $$$ were real good)
  • After resigning, he stayed home with the kids for the summer and applied/prayed for a job working with youth. When the kids started school he was offered a job as a Juvenile Probation Officer and when he received the call it was as if he had a offer from a Bill Gates himself. That's when I really realized his heart is in helping youth. (lol, ok, forget the $$$)

Today, he is a administrator in the alternative school system where 10 - 19 year olds are plagued by drugs (Cheese), unstable homes and consistent disruptive behavior. He is not your usual drill Sargent he is humble, kind spirited and a gentle giant. He really seeks to provide guidance so that his students know and understand that they do not have to accept the troubled demons of their current and past situations.

This is just a short synopsis of who my Beignet is, there is so much more but I would have to post everyday to share with you the one I adore so much. God is constantly blessing us and I must uplift Him because he has never allowed us to go without necessities or pleasures of life. Beignet is my friend, the man of my life, second to God of course and I am truly grateful for him.......

There is not much in this post about my locks and I had no intentions on sharing this part of my life but this is where I was lead. Hope you enjoyed reading about my blessing!


still waters said...


This was a wondeful posts (: some of the stuff great marriages are made of.

thanks for sharing

one love still
ps have a great summer ministering (: and keep us posted

Brenda said...

I had no idea of the depth of your conviction and devotion, to the Lord, your ministry, your family and each other. You're both truly inspirational.

Aya said...

Creyole, what a touching post. God has truly been faithful in the lives of you and your family. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may many others be blessed through it. Also, a very lovely picture.

Anonymous said...

There is NEVER a problem with the love and respect for a Black man who wants to educate and uplift children. You and your husband are blessed by each other and what you do for others.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...


This is a most excellent TESTIMONY! This is a beautiful picture, it is very professionally finished.

I look forward to the days when my family will be a ministry to the world. By being obedient, we are already. But you know what I mean, a Ministry with a specific PURPOSE, and with our whole family’s involvement.

Thanks for sharing this awesome example of Christian LOVE and MARRIAGE! Continue to enjoy God’s Blessings!

Sis. RJQueen10

brunsli said...

This is a wonderful post! I'm sure you, Beignet, Roux, and Praline have touched many people.

Mel said...

Creyole, this is a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this insight into your life.

Goodnapps said...

This was beyond a pleasure to read. It is indeed a marvelous post. Beignet is the positive, Black male role model we certainly need more of. You all be safe and sweet as you continue on your journey of doing the Lord's work.

Lovely photo of you two.

Tra said...

I always enjoy reading about your family and the love and passion you all have for each other as well as the good of other not in your immediate family.

Be careful during your travels and blessing you and your efforts!


Ebony said...

This is truly a blessing what you and your husband do for our youth. A lot of times, we are driven by money and you and your husband are obviously not in that bunch. I hope your ministry touches and saves many young lives.

Very inspirational.

Yolanda said...

Beautiful couple and beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing your blessing- your family truely is a blessing and inspiration.

Chosen Vessel said...

What a blessing and a great testimony. I pray that God continues to bless your entire family as you go forth in Jesus name to do His will. It is awesome to see your entire family ministering together to reach the youth, how awesome is that, God is good and faithful!!!

You both look beautiful together....Marriage is such a wonderful testimony of Gods love.

KDL said...

Thanks for sharing this. Your testimony is really encouraging to me. Thank you both for following God's will and being a blessing to so many. You're such a beautiful couple. God's love just shines right through this photo.

n'Drea said...

It's wonderful that God has been using your family in this way. Truly inspiring. I love when families minister as a team. Looking forward to read about God's mighty working in the lives of all who will be touched by your ministry on this trip. You both look great together. Be safe in your comings and goings. God go with you all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Creyole,
I having been following your blog spot for almost six months now, along with some other bloggers. I got my Sisterlocks installed Dec. 24, 2006. I hope to start a blog this winter. I am currently attending graduate school in Charlotte, NC so, I don't have as much free time as I'd like.
The reason I decided to comment on your most recent post is because I think you are the BOMB. I admire your dedication to GOD, your family, educating individuals on locking etc. I have also visted the blog spots of you children, and they are both very special.
So thank you for your contribution to the world and I already know that you'll continue doing great things.

Anonymous said...


I found this last post most interesting because I am a SDA living in Michigan and I graduate in August with a Master's in Counseling. Let me know where and when you will be presenting, I'd love to hear your presentation!


Locksuluv Hair Affair said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony...It was a pleasure to read. I have to agree that your DH seems to have what our children/youth need in this day and age. There is drugs running rampant(I work in law enforcement and just saw a power point presentation on "Cheese"), no positive role models and violence that just wont stop. Please encourage him to keeping on going for the Lord....I pray that you continue to be his rock and pillar of strength as you raise your own children in God's Word..

Creyole said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging and kind comments. I shared with Beignet and he was slightly embarrased due to his humble spirit. But a goodkind of embarrassemnt.

Email me offline at You logged in as anon and I am unable to personally respond to you. I'd love for you to attend one of our meetings.

MsJamison2U said...

Creyole, My Sista -- This has been an incredible read for me. This post has truly blessed me. The 2 of you are beautiful and you will touch many more lives and souls along with your children in their ministries. As I read your post, I could feel the Lord's presence. AWESOME. Thank you so much for sharing. I pray that you continue being obedient in what God has called you to do.

Chi-chi said...

I'm inspired by your testimony. What a true blessing, you have a good (and that's understatement) man! It's wonderful to see God's plan in action Kudos to you and Beignet! Thank you for sharing--it's encouraging to see what a love blessed by God is like.

Chocolocs said...

I'm responding to an old post because I responded before under the name "jinxi" but you had no way of replying to me. Here is my old comment:

I found this last post most interesting because I am a SDA living in Michigan and I graduate in August with a Master's in Counseling. Let me know where and when you will be presenting, I'd love to hear your presentation!

Please let me know where and when you will be presenting. I'd also like to know how my church can book you!

PS. I'd like to add your blog to my favorites!