Monday, July 31, 2006

Diet Regiment

TRA Wrote:
I couldn't help but notice how awesome you look in the NYC pic. Very fit indeed. I was wondering if you would share your work out regiment as well as what you are eating and if you are taking any vitamins, supplements, etc?

My Response:
TRA, first of all, I'm both flattered and humbled! It's good to know something is showing on this "40 something" body because I started working out in February and increased my supplements, here's my diet regiment:

Diet - I now only eat chicken, turkey and fish, lots of veggies and I take the following:

One a day multi-vitamin w/antioxidant protection
Omega3 oil softgels
Magnesium tablets
Biotin capsules
Drink lots of water!!

Detox - I'm addicted to hydrotherapy! In the past I would have a colon cleanse twice a year but so far this year I've already had three. Love the process because we have about six feet of colon and over a period of time the colon can hold waste that can lead to colon cancer and other diseases. Depending on diet and how one eliminates we can easily have 4-7 pounds of waste stored in our colon. My hydrotherapist, Shannon, is great if anyone in the Dallas area would like to try the day.
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Exercise Regiment & Buddies

Exercise - High impact step class 3/4 times weekly, my instructor "Mrs. Tasha" is a militant crazy woman! LOL...but she gets the job done and we all love her dearly.

Tasha incorporate weights and bands for arms as well as many leg and thigh bench strengthening exercises.

Pictured left to right:
1. Me with all my junk in the trunk! I've toned quite a bit since working out for the past five months. I can actually feel my muscles instead of fat and still working on the thighs..once I officially let that Blue Bell go at night I probably see better results. LOL!

2. Terri - has been working out for two months and has lost 1 dress size, you go girl!

3. Vicki - just had a baby and went from a size 14 to a size 6, the girl has major endurance and strong legs!

4. Pam - continues working out in order to maintain her already sculptured body!

5. Tasha - Our fearless instructor and she will call you out if you are slacking off at any time during class. The chic is wild and I love her because she makes me hurt and burn! Thanks Tasha!

6. Genevieve - My buddy and fellow church member who inspired me to get my self together. "Jenny" has gone from a size 16 to a size 8 in two years and is currently working on toning for competition. Anything she puts her mind too.....happens! Thanks again Jenny..from the block!

5 Feet tall ball of FIRE!! Tasha posing at my request!

Tasha leading the class up front and the young lady to the right of her in the red baseball cap, Cynthia, approx 5'1 once weighted 160 pounds and was a size 14. Today she is a trim size 3 and is in great shape! Way to go Cynthia! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 4th Celebration

The 4th of July was a blast this year, my daughter and her friend stole the show by joining the band and singing along with everyone during a private party with all the fixins.

I thought this pic really shows how her two month old locks are coming along.

I could not be more proud and as a result of her having Sisterlocks this summer with weekly swimming, we no longer experience :

1. Complaining after washings and detangling
2. No more 2 - 3 hour weekly braiding styles
3. Combing hair and running late for work, the girl is up and ready for summer camp in 1o minutes, it can only get better during school ..she does it herself and she especially loves spritzing with my Lavender/Rose Water. Shucks,I need to get her her own bottle!

We do get:
1. Massive attention from so many people, everywhere we go.......
2. Many of her friends are interested and so are many adults
3. She's now anxious for hers to look like mine...go figure, I'm so sure her's will look 10 times better than mine! Dad's favorite humble line is..."I think hers will look better than yours" thank God I'm happy with who I am! LOL!!

I'm more anxious about seeing hers in a year which helps me take the focus off my retightening compulsive disorder.

Some of ya'll can relate! Right, maybe, am I the only one?

Peace out!