Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 4th Celebration

The 4th of July was a blast this year, my daughter and her friend stole the show by joining the band and singing along with everyone during a private party with all the fixins.

I thought this pic really shows how her two month old locks are coming along.

I could not be more proud and as a result of her having Sisterlocks this summer with weekly swimming, we no longer experience :

1. Complaining after washings and detangling
2. No more 2 - 3 hour weekly braiding styles
3. Combing hair and running late for work, the girl is up and ready for summer camp in 1o minutes, it can only get better during school ..she does it herself and she especially loves spritzing with my Lavender/Rose Water. Shucks,I need to get her her own bottle!

We do get:
1. Massive attention from so many people, everywhere we go.......
2. Many of her friends are interested and so are many adults
3. She's now anxious for hers to look like mine...go figure, I'm so sure her's will look 10 times better than mine! Dad's favorite humble line is..."I think hers will look better than yours" thank God I'm happy with who I am! LOL!!

I'm more anxious about seeing hers in a year which helps me take the focus off my retightening compulsive disorder.

Some of ya'll can relate! Right, maybe, am I the only one?

Peace out!


Jena Evans said...

Yes yesss and yes yessss... I know I Can relate. Bless her heart and yours. This is too cute of an entry.

Love and light~

Brenda said...

She's looking good! And the time savings is a great bonus. Think of all the time you now have to do other fun things together!


Goodnapps said...

Indeed, I bet she will have some pretty locks. But yours are fab too dear. Very cute pics.

Maryee said...

Thanks for your princess' update. She's adorable. You make a good point about the time and grief you will be saving both of you from.

Lyriq said...

Okay..she is adorable and her hair is beautiful(you both have nice locs)...I am so jealous of her fullness. I know it must make you feel so good that she wants to look and be like you. Loc on ladies!

Chi-chi said...

She is tooooo cute! SL's are so versatile. It's great that she gets experience the ease of SLs so early in life. Watching her journey is as fun as watching yours!

Take care,

Cluizel said...

Oh wow...her hair is so cute. I'm jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

Here hair looks beautiful.

Detra said... I never thought I would use that "lock envy" term...but here it goes....LOL...OMG she is so adorable and her looks are amazing...big ups to you!

Meikmeika said...

Your daughter is soooo cute! Her hair is lookin GREAT!

Sister-in-Locks said...

This is wonderful! I am envious of her strength at that age. Good job mom.

Tra said...

Ohhh she is too darn cute! Her locks are doing quite nicely. As for the proud poppa he is really complimenting you too girl *wink*...he knows where she gets it from (-:

Felissa said...

You both look great! I have lock envy of her myself, and I've been locked for 4.5 years! :-)