Monday, July 31, 2006

Exercise Regiment & Buddies

Exercise - High impact step class 3/4 times weekly, my instructor "Mrs. Tasha" is a militant crazy woman! LOL...but she gets the job done and we all love her dearly.

Tasha incorporate weights and bands for arms as well as many leg and thigh bench strengthening exercises.

Pictured left to right:
1. Me with all my junk in the trunk! I've toned quite a bit since working out for the past five months. I can actually feel my muscles instead of fat and still working on the thighs..once I officially let that Blue Bell go at night I probably see better results. LOL!

2. Terri - has been working out for two months and has lost 1 dress size, you go girl!

3. Vicki - just had a baby and went from a size 14 to a size 6, the girl has major endurance and strong legs!

4. Pam - continues working out in order to maintain her already sculptured body!

5. Tasha - Our fearless instructor and she will call you out if you are slacking off at any time during class. The chic is wild and I love her because she makes me hurt and burn! Thanks Tasha!

6. Genevieve - My buddy and fellow church member who inspired me to get my self together. "Jenny" has gone from a size 16 to a size 8 in two years and is currently working on toning for competition. Anything she puts her mind too.....happens! Thanks again Jenny..from the block!

5 Feet tall ball of FIRE!! Tasha posing at my request!

Tasha leading the class up front and the young lady to the right of her in the red baseball cap, Cynthia, approx 5'1 once weighted 160 pounds and was a size 14. Today she is a trim size 3 and is in great shape! Way to go Cynthia! Posted by Picasa


Detra said...

forgive me for I have sinned! LOL..throughout all the NY pics, I kept saying to myself, dang LaChanda looks like she had botox or a facelift or something..LOL..NOT to say that you looked old AT ALL...because you dont look a day over 26 BUT in NY you were looking not a day over 20! Thank you so much for sharing your regiment! Keep up the hard work, its paying off BIG time!

still waters said...

I would also like to add my congrats you do look great and hopefully one day soon I will get my lazy butt up and join you!!!

I was happy to see your post been missing you but I see you been busy(:

one love still

Tra said...

I have been waiting on this post even though I knew what it would say (lol)!

Detra- You ALWAYS crack me up you are a classic and I love that! You are not lying though LC was looking so great in NYC I had to get the secret!

I have since started working out but I am not at full gear yet....should be at 4 times a week real soon though.

Thanks for sharing and motivating!

Sister-in-Locks said...

Looks like fun and you look great!. Where do you work out? I need to get back into it other than just walking.

Goodnapps said...

Detra's right. You are looking crazy young. So good for you missy and thanks for sharing the secret. You and the rest of the workout team keep up the good work.

KDL said...

You look awesome girl. I too have embarked on living a better lifestyle. Using the principals of the church plus working out, I feel much better and fresher. You are an inspiration to me. Keep it up!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ya'll have a sista blushing over here! Thanks so much for the words of encouragement I plan to stick to it.

SIL - I work out at Bally's, can't beat that $99 a year deal anywhere else. Neither can I find a better group of ladies to work out with.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I must agree with TRA, you are missing your calling you should be on a comic strip somewhere.

Everyone needs a funny sista in their life.

Love ya girl!

brunsli said...

Junk in the what? Oh please. You know you had the core of the Big Apple at its knees.

Still, I admire your exercise efforts!

funmi said...

You are my inspiration!!

Maryee said...

Hey!!!!! You go girl!!! I'm inspired!!

tlacy02 said...

Thanks so much LaShanda for your wonderful words. I really enjoy you in class and hope to see you soon. Tosaha (Bally)