Saturday, May 27, 2006

1 Year Loc-Versary

The road seems like I just started yesterday and I can hardly believe it's been a year! I initially started with nine inches of bonafide natural hair that had not been permed in nine years.

Many things transpired thoughout my Exodus...

1. Major bunching due to having a three pattern instead of a pattern four installed on my "S" curl hair type

2. Parting had to be corrected due to the installation of organic parting

3. Three major cuts that totaled 4 inches of hair removal because of the bunching

4. Switched Consultants twice and I'm finally on the road to recovery

Even though I've been through the major pains of Murphy's Law, "everything that could go wrong, did go wrong," I believe my locks are beautiful and I've learned to accept them as they are. The back is completely locked and I've got a few locks in the front that slip every now and then. Since I've taken the re-tightening class I'm able to tighten them up before my washes so this does help with the problem.

Most of all, what better 1 year locversary than to share it with my courageous daughter who also loves her one month old Sisterlocks!! As you can see in this pic her locks are already beginning to puff out and she is enjoying everyday of wearing locks. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kicking Off My First Year Birthday Week!

What better way to kick off my Sisterlock Birthday week than to spend it with two other beautiful DFW Sisterlockers, Gigi and Diane during a E. Lynn Harris book signing!

The Sister between Gigi and I is Monica "Dr. Moe" Anderson, the author of "When a Sistah's Fed Up," which was recently added to Essence Magazine best seller list. She too was featured during the E. Lynn Harris book signing and I was really impressed with her inviting spirit and the subject matter of the book, sounds like some fun fantasy drama to read during my evening commute from work!

While I'm not a huge fan of E. Lynn Harris, I do believe he is a gifted writer and wanted to add one of his novels to my book collection. I purchased "I Say a Little Prayer" and especially attended the signing in support of the the "GRITS" club members who actually organized the New York trip scheduled for next month. Wow! How time has passed, it's almost here and I can't wait to meet many of the sisters from our Sisterlock community.

My new short look was inspired by Calla's hair style on a model on pages 32 & 33 of the Sisterlock Journal. Calla used the medium orange smooth rods w/mousse and I rolled my locks with Motions foaming wrap lotion on about 30 small gray smooth rods for tighter curls. After they dried (which did not take long) I twisted five rows going back, bobby pinned each row down and fluffed out the curls. I love the look!!!

This Texas heat is already in the high 90's and we've had a couple of 100 degree days...ugh, and summer is not officially here yet, can we ever get a season of Spring before going right in to the Summer HEAT!!! Not in Texas!!! Ok, I said all that to say..I'm sporting shorter do's for now because of the Texas heat and surprisingly I've gotten many compliments from the African American community. I appreciate the compliments because it opens dialogue about "natural hair," and that alone is enough motivation for me to wear my hair up for the entire summer.

Back to E Lynn Harris, I must be upfront in my experience with this author. I purchased my book and got in line to have it signed. When I asked if he would take a picture as over 40 other people did, he said "sure" in an almost rude kind of way.

Now, I'm sure Mr. Harris was tired but you would think that if one is on a book tour they would expect to take pitures, sign books and have small talk with people that are buying their material. Then, as soon the picture was taken he immediately walked right off...not even a "thank you" for supporting my book. Can you believe it? The affair was only two hours and it's disappointing to me how some people handle success, especially when I'm spending my hard earned money!

I've always supported Black Images Bookstore and I've met many other authors that were much more successful, gosh even Terry McMcMillan was friendlier. After that kind of treatment I almost asked for a refund but I decided to take the high road.

I guess you are wondering why I included the picture on my blog?? It's "only" because I took two pictures and this one shows a clearer picture of my hair style. Hummm... looking at that smile on his face almost made me think I was dreaming all of this up!! Posted by Picasa