Thursday, July 12, 2007

Praline's Eyes

I've had the question asked at least a thousand times.."do you arch her eye brows?" I'm never offended, even when I got the question as an infant rolling in her stroller.

I actually find it quite comical when people look at me in amazement when I say "oh no, never would I do such a thing?" Some believe me and some walk away with the look to say..."you know you are fibbing."

What's really funny is that she gets so much public attention about her eyes that she now recognizes everyone elses eyebrows while it never crosses most 11 year olds mind.

So, just for the record to all that are wondering, no, Ms. Praline's eyebrows have never been groomed in any form or fashion. She is the way God made her....I just wish mine didn't need grooming. Who knew the gene pool worked that way?? (lol)

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Goodnapps said...

Well I can definitely see why folks would think they've been professionally done.

She is blessed very much indeed with such natural and pretty eyebrows.

Renge said...

what is the nappy tool? and where can I get one?

blackrussian said...

Her brows ARE VERY beautiful. I can tell they are completely natural. She IS blessed.

When I was a child I had amazingly complex highlights ranging from brown to auburn to honey blonde. (I was aware of them from about the age of 5 to about 17 when I started to spend much more time indoors so they went away.) My mother and I used to get those same disbelieving looks when we said they were natural! I can remember old women scolding her for using dye on my hair. I think because my skin is darker people couldn't imagine that they were real. Chocolate girls can't have blonde hair that didn't come from a bottle!

The gene pool is a marvelous thing!

Detra said...

I have noticed how beautiful her eyebrows are but I never questioned if they had been arched. Not that mine's are anywhere near as pretty as her is, but I have just for the first time in my entire life had my eyebrows arched. My mother has always told me my eyebrows were naturally arched and to never ever touch them, and I haven’t until just last week for the first time, and I must say, I'm not to pleased, I like them in their natural state, so here is to you Praline, They are naturally beautiful and you don’t need to ever arch them.

Naturally Sophia said...

Cutie Pie- I hope Praline will never have to arch them. Heaven knows it's a pain in the butt.

Renea said...

Bless her heart...I hardly have eyebrows at all.

Chosen Vessel said...

What beautiful eyes and eyebrows. What a blessing to not have to even touch her eyebrows, my bestfriends eyebrows are the same way (umph).....Prailine will appreciate even more as she gets older :)

Tra said...

LMBO...they look great indeed, however I guess since I know you that thought never even crossed my mind!