Friday, May 09, 2014

SUPA CrossFit & Sisterlocks

I do not have one regret about going with Sisterlocks.  Exercise is a huge part of my lifestyle and Sisterlocks fit right in. 💪 Nine years strong at the end of this month.


Cheleski's 2nd Lock Journey said...

I like that I can see the original bunching on some of your locks-it shows the beauty in the imperfection and that SLs will be beautiful even if every lock is not symmetrical. Keep it locked and popped and healthy!!!

Chan said...


P31Diva said...

Hi, Creyole! Would you please share any tips/tricks you use to refresh your SLs after exercising? Also, kindly share what styles and any head gear/wraps you have found effective/useful.

Thanks in advance!

Bea (future Sisterlocks rocker)

Cheleski68 aka KnottyAuthor said...

Y'all are still so cute!!!