Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Son & Locks

Pictured here with my 19 yr old son after a nice gym workout and I can't convince him to lock his hair on a trial basis while in college! Baaaa humbug!


R-Queen said...

Wow! Your locks are nice, very nice!
{and long} Do you have sisterlocks?

I Agree! 4 years of college is a pretty good time to "try" locks, and if he does not like them, he can always cut them off. :)

PSLoveCharli said...

absolutely beautiful. however, i was sure you guys were bro and sis. wow! xo

NappyNne said...

I love your locks and enjoyed visiting your blog. I am in the DFW area and considering SLs. I'm wondering if you could recommend a SL consultant or trainee in the area? Thanks!

Hair transplant in Pakistan said...

WOW, you look so gorgeous with your hair, I'm always dreaming of that kind of hair, and hope someday, if my hair is already thick, I'm gonna copy this kind of hairstyle.