Friday, February 03, 2006

Part Correction & Cut Update

Posted by Picasa I can honestly say my Sisterlock journey thus far has been quite interesting and I have been feeling the need to cut my hair again and did today!

I started my journey with 8-9 inches of bonafied natural hair and because of my awful bunching problems I'm now down to about 5 inches due to cutting the messy ends off.

The bag on the upper left is the 2 inches of ends that I was not happy with and I think I'm down to the "real" locked hair in most sections of my head.

The top right pic show one of my many locks that are being set up for correcting some of my parts. If you look real close you can see the open loop in the middle of the lock at the root and I'm feeling much better about having straight parts. Once I have at least 1-2 inches of new growth each of my corrected locs will be split and my parts will become more defined.

Although I'm sporting a much shorter do, I'm comfortable with it and learning to embrace all of the issues because Sisterlocks is truly what I want and I know in the end my babies will be "da bomb."

My Caruso Curlers give me the temporary curls I usually wear on a daily basis AND The African bead headband is something I picked up the at the Kwanzaa Festival in Dallas, TX. last December.

The booth I bought it from had several different styles, colors and individual beads that you can put on each of your locs. This time next year I'll be ready for the next level of accessories if.....I can keep the scissors out of my head.

While so many SL'ers can't wait for their's to grow I on the other hand keep cutting mine......I must really be going through the mid-life crisis.

Any one else cut their locs before their First Year Loc-versary?


brunsli said...

I don't really understand the part correction process and splitting locks process, so when you do it, please post all the details!

I used to cut cut cut too, but in my case, they were relaxed ends being cut. I wanted to have 2006 be a scissor-free year, but I'm thinking either I need to get my locks shaped up or I need to never wear them freestyle.

Your shorter 'do is beautiful on you! I love that headband too!

Detra said...

Can you get anymore beautiful???!!! Short locks, long lock, crooked parts, straight parts, doesnt matter, you are simply beautiful in locks PERIOD! I didn't know you corrected the parts, but I am very glad you did, I'm sure it helps you to embrace your journey!

KDL said...

I wish I could show you all the hair I cut during my first year of locking. It seems like I would never get to a point where I was happy with them. I went through cutting and combining, redoing and grooming for a long time. In the end it was all good though. Somewhere around month 15 was when I let the scissors go.

I am feeling that urge again though...

Goodnapps said...

Well LaChanda - if this is what makes you happy, then by all means. Your locks are still gorgeous either way. You are so brave. I get heart palpations just at the thought of cutting my locks.

Vee said...

I'm right there with you sister. I've been cutting regulary too, check out my blog for the new look. Not much different but my cutting is also due to the relaxed ends. I will continue to cut until they are gone!
You hair looks great as always!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Well buddies, after I could not braid my locs together without them sticking out like a pricky tree I believe I'm done cutting....for a while. Until the grow out. LOL

Jeri said...

Lookin' good, LaChanda. I cut my locs a lot in the first year also. I got rid of all of my permed ends within about 8 months, cutting an inch or so at a time.

Now that I'm 4 years in, I regularly grab the scissors and snip when I see "problem locs" or uneven areas.

What's nice is that with the loc'd hair, we can take growth and length for granted.

Sister-in-Locks said...

I agree. End the end they will be da bomb. But for now, I still think they are "clap" dyn-o-mite.

Ghana_Girl said...


I love the short look on you - you wear it well!! Your hair seems to grow fast, so I am sure that in now time, you will have the length you like!

Ree-C said...

Your locs look great. I like the shorter locs. And I really like that headband. I don't fully understand though why you had to cut them to correct your parts. Please explain further if you have time. Once you straighten your parts, why can't you put that loose hair in the loc that it belongs to? How do you do it yourself? Please school me.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only one that cuts during the first year. Thanks for sharing and KAren you are to funny with that "clap" comment.

Oh no, let me clarify. I'm not cutting to correct the
parts only cutting because of my bunching on the ends. My
ultra coily hair had terrible bunching and I hated the
ends. I'm sure if I were patient enough they would
have eventually sealed but what the heck, I may as
well do what I feel. Also, I do not do it myself, my
consultant did the chop for me and cleaned up each lock.

Hopefully, I've answered your questions?

sisterlockedlondon said...

Your hair looks great shorter and the headband is wonderful. Not sure I would be brave enough to cut my locks though!

Tra said...

I think it is cute and adds some funk to your already gorgeous self.

I am sure when I hit 6 to 7 mos. I will be trying to get a clean up job on my babies. It is hard not to do it now but I am only in my fourth month soooo..."hand be still".


Jena Evans said...

Awww... the process... Your locks looks great, and I believe they will survive the cutting/pruning and thrive.

Be Blessed real good today!

Jazzilocs said...

Uh Oh, Lachanda,

You have me contemplating a loc BC!! I *need* to trim because I also have terrible bunching problems but I receive some conflicting info in that regard. To cut or not to cut? Do you ever notice any bunching after you cut or does the loc usually condense after the ridding of the bunched mess? I do not want to cut and then my hair bunch right back up, ya know? So I am trying to see what would be best, let my hair finally loc all over then cut or do it now since it has been 2 yr 5 months. But in all that time would u believe I still have the curly q's and most of the ends in the back are still not sealed. Patience, patience, patience...LOL
As usual you and ur locs are gorgeous. Cute cut :)

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

2 years and yours still have not sealed? Wow, you
must have really soft hair. I guess it all depends on
the hair texture because mine are no longer
bunching..some frizzy ends though. I love mine now
that the ends are off, I really feel free.

You probably better wait or, why don't you experiment
with a couple and cut them just to see how they turn
out. I'm sure a couple will not be that noticable.


Ellen G. said...

Your locks look amazing! They are wonderfully full and shiney. I have had sisterlocks now for 8 years and 10 months. The first year I cut about 6 inches of perm. (My hair grows fast.) Most of my ends sealed at about 2 1/2 years, the longest ones were the in "my kichens". I had a line and new locs grew when I stopped shaving the area.

I recently cut more than 8 inches. They were in the middle of my back and kept getting caught in door of my car. (The wind would blow when a closed the door and DONK!)
So I am back to shoulder length. I am glad I found your Blogg it gets lonely in Austin with Sisterlocks.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ellen G,
Thanks for checking in and good to know I am not alone in this cutting thing. Two years to lock seems like a long time, you must have soft hair? Share some pics I'd love to see you 8 year old locks.

BlaqKofi said...

Your locks are beautiful LaChanda and I truly admire your resolve to do what is right for you at this time knowing what the future will bring. You are da bomb! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and examining those locks up close.


Phenomenal Flame said...

Your hair is beautiful. I'm just getting started with my locs. I started with two strand twists instead of sister locs...

Maryee said...

Wow! You and Jen's hair does look a lot a like. Especially after you cut yours. Looking forward to comparing tomorrow.

Leighann said...

A lot of folks out there with scissors. I think I would be too if I had your skill. I'm a worrier though. I always think one wrong move and I'll ruin everything. When my locks get uneven though, it drives me mad. said...

I know what you were feeling. I recently cut my sisterlocks in layers with one side longer than the other. I felt so liberated afterwards. My hair immediately looked fuller and more fluffy. Your hair looks about the same size as mine too. Beautiful!

Princess said...


You have one gorgeous set of locs! They were beautiful before the cut, and now they are stunning!

I, too, cut my locs in the first year, when they were going thru a BAD stage (major frizzies and lots of bunching). I took off b/w 2 and 4 inches, and they looked much better afterward. I just sometimes wonder how they would have turned out if I had not cut them ... hmmmmm? Oh well, they are fine now, so no worries! :o)