Friday, January 20, 2006

Natural Convert

Today, I wanted to feature my converted natural buddy from work, you go girl that natural twist is looking so nice on you.

Rhonda was sick of the "Creamy Crack" breaking her hair off and causing all kinds of other health problems so about a year ago she went cold turkey and stop putting the relaxer on her beautiful mane. She cut the perm off inch by inch until she had no more.

Today, her hair is soft and healthy! I love touching it because it has so much elasticity in it. I'm so proud of you so keep on keepin on!!!! Posted by Picasa


coco_btrfly said...

Beautiful post and lovely hair!


Hali said...
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Ree-C said...

That's Wonderful. Her hair really looks healthy. Girl, keep spreading the word.

Goodnapps said...

The natural movement is definitely in full swing. Keep doing your thing and there will be more and more hopping on the train.

Tra said...

That style is really adorable on her. Are locks in her future?
No pressure (-:


Leighann said...

Please congratulate your co-worker for me for breaking her creamy crack addiction. Not easy to do, but her hair looks great!!