Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tender Headed?

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Ok, so here is my childhood pic with my infamous "Afro Puffs." I want to say I was in the 5th grade in this photo.

There was a recent conversation on the LocktItUp Yahoo group about being tender headed that sparked childhood memories. I'll explain my theory as to why I "am not" tender headed while having this much thick hair.

I can remember..... back in the day, my mom would wash my hair and either style it in afro puffs or I'd get a nice hard press that would only last a couple of days after over exposure to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana humidity or from sweating too much from playing kickball, softball, hide and go seek, red light/green light, running races to see who was the fastest kid on the block and riding bikes as fast as we could back and forth down the street. Ya'll get the picture; I got a little carried away thinking about the times of my wonderful childhood and how our children will probably never understand those days. Mainly, because we as parents are too afraid to let them out of our sight too long because of perverts looking to harm an innocent child. Don't let me get started on my soapbox...that's a whole "nother" blog creation all together. Whew..I digress!

What was my point? Oh yeah, tender headness..... after my mom would wash my hair it would usually take a good hour trying to comb through it after loading my hair up with so much Ultra Sheen hair grease or Royal Crown hair grease. Then, after I was forced into tears from the constant pulling and snatching , my dear loving mother would get so frustrated from my complaining that by the time she was done I'd have the print of the famous "afro comb" on my forehead. Now, I'm not sure what kind of family you all were raised in, but my mom did not 'PLAY." It was her way or the highway and children must obey and keep still even under extreme pain. After years of these weekly appointments I surrendered to the mighty right hand of "mommy dearest" shhhh, lol. And that my friends, is why today I am not tender headed! Anyone out there with heavy handed "Mama's"?

Reflecting back, even then I loved my beautiful thick hair I just wished our parents were educated on how to maintain our African American manes. Enjoying the freedom of coming back home.........


lashaune said...

Oh my lord is she cute with her afro puffs rock on with your bad self. I like the 5th grade photo

Tra said...

Oh girl that is just too darn adorable. I love those puffs.

Re:Tender Heads- well I too have thick hair and I was always told "you bet not be tenderhead with all this hair" so I just assumed beng tenderhead was not an option (lol)....plus I had a young aunt who loved combing me and my other cousins hair and dressing us alike so I guess I got used to it.

Thanks for sharing your story...I had flashbacks to my kiddie girl days and I do regret that my baby won't have that. I am fiercly protective of her (Lioness Style) (lol).


Blqberrylocz said...

My oh my do you bring back memories!! I wish I could get some of the pictures of me and my PONY tails that set high above my ears, yet still touched my shoulders (after that hard press)!! My dad would have to sit there with us in the kitchen to keep me in line...oooh my poor mother! Imma have to call her and apologize!! My mom told me(after I got older and was doing my own hair)that she took me to the beauty shop,when I was younger, to get my hair done and the hairdresser told her (politely) Don't bring her back!!oooh my poor mother!!That is when I was intrduced to relaxers...French Perm!! I know yall 40+ remember!! Needless to say she wished that I would have a daughter to take me through what I took her through...I had 3--2 of which were/are tenderheaded!!
Just thought I'd share!


Naturalist1 said...

So cute. I remember those days, lol.

Vee said...

OMG the pop on the head was worst than the pain and pulling beause you just felt like you were getting beat on top of being tortured!!!
Didn't you feel sorry for yourself. I would cry and say my mother didn't love me at all LOL! My mom didn't PLAY either, straight Island style!

Jena Evans said...


Awww, just too adorable! Love the natural!
Yep! Yep! and Yep! and Yipe!!!

We are still trying to find the time to write the screenplay.


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ya'll are too funny and I'm please to know I did not have the only "Mama" that was worn out from doing hair.

BTW, I did get the curse because my daughter has my hair and I am burned out when I'm done with her hair. She too is not "tender headed," so what does that tell you! I'm now "Mommie Dearest" but more patient. LOL!

Detra said...

LMAO not the Royal Crown...yes, indeed I remember I remember...ok...gurl, you are way to cute...makes me wanna have a nappy headed lil girl....ok..thought gone! LOL

AllyH2O said...

I love it! I didn't have any thing close to thick hair. My mom had a heavy-hand AND she was unsteady with the hot-comb. My ears were crispaay. I know about being tired after hair. Sometimes I have to pass my girls' hair on over to Grandma. I can't braid anyway.

Maryee said...
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Maryee said...

I think if we were in the 5th grade together, we'd be best buddies. You look like you were a cool kid!!! Sweet and coy, but definitely prone to get into a lil' trouble every now and then. Thanks for sharing!