Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sisterlock Possible Recruits - Yesssss!

With all the talk about Sisterlocks TM in the company of Tamari's grandmother whom I call "Mama Blackburn" and her Aunt Andrea that they began asking questions. By the time we were finished with them they were both ready for tester locks and a consultation. Both are natural and have not had chemicals for years so they are "ripe for the picking." Ripe for the picking is some good ole Louisiana talk from back in the day, it just means they are ready for the move into lockdom. (Pictured from left to right are Mama Blackburn, Tamari and her Aunt Andrea)

Andrea is a Family Medicine Doctor and she works out so she was concerned about the maintenance and how Sisterlocks would work for her schedule. Ok now, you know we were all over that issue and assured her that Sisterlocks TM would be one of the best decisions she could ever make for her lifestyle. Hopefully our DFW group members will get to meet Mama Blackburn and Andrea at the next gathering February 19th in Allen, TX hosted by Karen.

Come on Mama Blackburn and Andrea, join in on the fun!!!


Tra said...

Simply beautiful all of them have a glorious mane! I do hope that they will join us in Feb.

Jena Evans said...


Do your thing, LaChanda. You should be getting some compensation for all your recruiting sessions. Bring them all home sister, to Sisterlocks tm! Especially sine they are natural ladies already. Blessings!

You looking great!


andrea said...

you all are just lovely in this whole blog..and yes for the older ladies considering locks..

Lachanda, you hair looks like mine, longer on the top and have a shape going towards the back..i think it's so cool remind me of how i had it back when i was permed.

gurl keep lockin'..i love it.

ps. i got to get me pack of those soft spikes.