Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

What a way to start off the 2006 year but to hear that my "Sisterlock" mentor is in town visiting this week. As soon as I got a free moment I rushed over to visit with her and her family, which is also an extension of my family.

It was November of 2004 when I was first introduced to Sisterlocks. Tamari was in town for her Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary and my husband and I were the MC's. When I saw her head full of Sisterlocks TM it was then that I realized I had to have Sisterlocks TM.

Tamari is a Spanish professor and resides in Rialto, CA, she made her 5th year lock anniversary on December 19th and her locks are so healthy and beautiful. Additionally, since last seeing her, she and her husband have a new addition to their family. They were blessed with a sweet little son a few months ago and she is loving parenthood along with the ease of no hair drama.

Michelle Bryant of Rancho Cucamonga, CA maintains Tamari's hair and while she did take the retightening class she prefers to have her Consultant maintains her SL's. Her schedule consists of washing every 7 -10 days and she either wears braid outs or twist outs styles. You will rarely see her in the free style because she says it gets in the way while teaching. She shared with me that while in the hospital she converted several people to Sisterlocks TM because they would come and visit her in the hospital expecting to see a not so attractive person and to their surprise she looked stunning...even under the worst of circumstances. After all, who looks great while in the hospital, well let me just tell Sisterlockers and natural gals!

Tamari, thanks for bringing Sisterlocks TM to my life because it's not been the same since. Getting up in the morning without worrying about hair has given me back so much of my morning for me and my family.

And get that blog started when you get back to California!



brunsli said...

You two are quite a pair!

If I met you both, I'd want SLs too!

Detra said...

ok..that sistah's locks are banging, I can certainly see how she inspired you...sorry for the ghetto slang LOL

NaturalyFree said...

This is such a small world, Michelle was my Master Trainer. She along with Yvonne Mobley conducted my Training Class in NOvemeber, she is really a jewel. I love visiting your blog, keep on recruiting them :->

kemicutie said...

Wow, you and your friend's SL's are very pretty! Also, it's great to see other natural ladies in the mix as well. They'll probably be locked up soon. :)

Sister-in-Locks said...

You all look lovely. Can you beleive that we will be having a 5th year anniversary one day.

Jazzilocs said...

LaChanda your cut is off the hook!!! Just looking like the BOMB girlfriend!!! :)
Tamari is an inspiration and I am glad you featured her again.

Goodnapps said...

Hi LaChanda,

I'm glad to see you did an update about Tamari. Her locks are waaayy
beyond impressive. I can see why she inspired you. BTW - your haircut is very cute and funky!!

Vee said...

Wow her locks are lovely.
I LOVE your cut too it's really fluffed your hair out, the look I am dying for!


Maryee said...

Tamari and your hair is georgeous! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get those recruits!! Jen and I are still working on Mom!

BlaqKofi said...

LaChanda, you and your locks look so beautiful in this pic.