Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Buddy "Theresa Green"

My buddy Theresa Green is in town this week on business from the Washington, D.C area.

Many of you may have seen several emails from her as she is also a member of the LockItUp group. We were able to hook up for lunch and catch up on some good ole Sisterlock conversation and delicious soup and salad from Olive Garden located in Addision, TX.

Our Sisterlock birthdays are the same month and I must tell you Theresa has the tiniest Sisterlocks I've ever seen! She has over 500 locks and they are just "stunning." Our year mark will be in May and since her beautiful mane is so thick and full of curly q's she says she does not curl or manipulate them in any form or fashion, she totally prefers free styling.

Theresa asked me to give a "shout out" to the DFW group and hopefully one day she will join us here at one of our gathering. Additionally, she has plans to join us in New York for the get together. (Click on her pic to see a close up of her Sisterlocks.)

Speaking of New York, I begged Leighann to make a show happen while we are in New bout this....she is scheduled for a comedy show and we'll get to see her in action on that Saturday night. We are going to have a blast!!!!

Theresa, it was great seeing you again and keep pampering your wear them soooooo well! Posted by Picasa


brunsli said...

You're both stunning!

And, now that I'm tuned into glasses, you both have great frames!

BlaqKofi said...

Wow, Theresa does have the smallest locks I've ever seen, but they are beautiful. Two beautiful locked queens!

Jazzilocs said...

Oh you guys get to Leighann in wonderful. I love the bond between all of us sistahs!

Goodnapps said...

How lovely - you two could pass for mom and daughter. We do get to see Leighann in action. Yipee. Please give me the details.

crysco said...

Wow--when you said tiny locks, you said nothing but the truth. It's a great picture and I love your blog. Sorry to go off topic, but could you share who her friend's consultant is in the DC area-I'm still searching for a consultant. Please email me at

Tra said...

You guys look great. It is good to see two different sizes of locs (SL's) that are the same age. Thanks for sharing.


Jena Evans said...

You two are beautiful. Month of May here we come!

Be blessed!

still waters said...

I love the way you locks are looking!!! tho you seem addicted to those sissors gurl (:

One Love Kerry