Thursday, December 28, 2006

True Locked Sisters

Here we are after the locking session in front of Mrs Dee's Kumquat fruit tree. We love thumb Kumquats and the tree produces small, edible fruits that look similar to oranges. The fruits are extremely juicy and tasty and usually have a sweet outer skin accompanied by a tart, inner flesh.

When I'm at home.....I'm-at-home, no makeup, I wear jeans, jogging suits and gym shoes everyday. We just chill all day at my sister's house, visit family members and eat everything we can possibly think about.

I enjoyed the time with my sister and what was really funny was that her hubby, my brother out-law (lol) kept threatening me about locking "my" sisters hair. MrsDee gave him stare downs and told him when he cuts his ponytail (after 23 years of marriage) she might listen to what he has to say. Of course, it was all in fun but I know deep in his heart he did not want my sister locked until........he saw the finished product!!

Here's her before picture and my brother out-law loved her natural and did not want to see it go away!

Oh my goodness, when we were done he kept touching and saying to her "I like it", "it really looks good!" And certainly, Beignet & Praline were her biggest fans! She was done with her journey to lockdom, now she's on her journey to maturity!

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Brenda said...

OK, I'll ask - What's thumb quart?

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ok, my bad I had to call my mom to confirm the spelling. You know us Louisianan's we misspronounce many things.

The correct spelling is "Kumquats" and they are like a citrus fruit and has an edible skin. It is the most well known of the sort fortunella which is closely related to Citrus.

I'll have to correct my post, thanks for asking my friend!

brunsli said...

Your sister looks great! Please pass on my congratulations to her. :)

LOL @ thumb quart!

Anonymous said...

That's is great! Tell your Sister that Chosen Vessel said "Welcome to the Family"

Brenda said...

Girl - you're too funny! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Your sister's hair looks great. She has a beautiful, peaceful looking face.
Your journey has obviously inspired her, as it has many others (myself included).


I have put a link to your blog from mine - I hope this OK

KDL said...

Wow, your sister's hair is beautiful. So we have a little Nappylocs/Sisterlocks consultant in the making? You've done an excellent job.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Phew, I was reading with baited breath about the husband's action/reaction. So glad it all turned out on a good note! ;-)

Anonymous said...

C, what a great job you did with your sister's locks and what a bonding experience! Big props to MrsDee (if left a comment on her blog already) for crossing over. Welcome home! You sisters are both blessed.

Anonymous said...

("I" left a comment on her blog already") Ooops!

Asita said...

Sorry for my intrusive behavior but I was explaining to my lovely daughter that there was a such a thing as thumb quarts, lol. I grew up in South Florida where me, my sisters and cousins ate them with regularity and even created a dish with them, lol! Thank you for the confirmation because I thought we were alone in calling "kumquats" thumb quarts.