Monday, December 26, 2005

Sisterlockers, New York City and The Color Purple

While talking about the Color Purple with Gigi during my hair cutting appointment last week I had an epiphany and said to her, "wouldn't it be awesome to have a city full of Sisterlockers in New York to see the Broadway Musical?" We talked about how cool it would be and it's been on my mind ever since.

So, I pondered on the idea, sent it out to the LockItUp Group and the response was a GO! Detra was the first to respond, then the emails came pouring in. Currently, the we are working on group airfare, hotel and tickets for Oprah's Broadway Musical The Color Purple either scheduled for late March or early April with plans for Friday through Sunday weekend trip.

Leighann, hopefully you'll have a show going on at one of NYC's Comedy Clubs because we'd love to come and cheer you on! Princess, KimJ and all of our other New York/New Jersey sista's I sure hope you'll get to join us for some of the activites if your schedules permit!

Anyone interested please leave comments or email me directly at, (there is an underscore between virtuous and woman7 in case you can not see it). We're looking to book at least 20 people so please let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update 12/28/05:
Hello All,
Several people could not do April because of school and other scheduling conflicts. So, we met for lunch today, (Detra,Karen, TRA and myself) and we decided on another date, will June 1st-4th work for everyone?

Also, please forward this email to others that may not have seen the original email on the LockItUp group. I originally responded to those that indicated they were interested. If I missed anyone it's definitely unintentional. Please let me know so we can proceed with the reservations and cost. Right now the cost for Broadway tickets, flight, hotel in Manhattan & airport transfers is estimated at $600.00. It's a rough estimate and hopefully the June date won't be much different.

Will keep you updated.

Updated 01/06/06
Hi Ladies,
What a blessing!! Attached are the plans (please request a copy if you have not received via email) passed on by Gigi (SL Consultant) who extended the invitation for us to combine our NY trip. The format of the trip is really nice and I've spoken with the coordinator Shawna Ridley 972.222.0162 who welcomes us. Feel free to contact her with questions. Her email address is Shawna indicated that the plans are now on Phase Two indicated on the forms and the itinerary is not written in stone, once we are in New York we can venture off to where ever we would like to go.

Several of us have reservations for hotel and flight and working on the tickets. Try to get as close to row"J" Orchestra as possible. That's where Gigi has her tickets and I'm trying to get that area as well.

Can you get a Comedy show for us on Saturday night June 17th? Also, we'd love to take on some of there recommendations from you, Princess & Zora.

Did I miss anyone? I sure hope not and if I did please feel free to pass on to others. Looking forward to taking a "bite" out of the Big Apple, let's just hope it doesn't bite back.



NaturalyFree said...

I am interested but couldn't tell you for sure until I know the approximate cost. I would love to see NY and one of my favorite movies come to life. Please keep me in the loop for when you get more details.


Naturalist1 said...

I just looked at the top of your site and it say 40th birthday. Oh my goodness, you look very, very young. Us, sisters age so gracefully. I'm 37.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Thanks girl, I'm not going down without a fight!! Let's keep hope alive. lol!

Leighann said...

I really hope you all can make it here! Keep me posted!

Vee said...

Keep me posted on the details I would love to attend!
I'll check the Lockitup group as well.
Great idea!

Maryee said...

Keep Jen and me posted. We have relatives in NY and I was telling my cousin who lives in Mt. Vernon I needed to get up North to see her. Let us know.

Goodnapps said...

Hi LaChanda,

I hope I'm not too late, but I am very interested in going. Please add me to your info distribution list.


Anonymous said...

I would like more info also.


Sharon (
SL 1 YR ANNIV. 2/17/06