Friday, December 09, 2005

Retightening Class #2

Posted by Picasa So, here we are... all into it! Karen and I were seriously "tool" challenged..... initially. But, we hung in there and practiced over and over and over and over until we felt comfortable enough to start on our own locks! With Gigi's approval of course!

Gigi, thank you for being so patient because I certainly have much "respect" for all you Consultants out there. This Sisterlock® thang is definitely a science and a brilliant invention! Dr. Cornwell you are Awesome!


coco_btrfly said...

Look at the determination on your face!

Maryee said...

Wow Karen's hair has really grown since my birthday!!! Whoa!!


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

LOL Gurrrl, when I tell you I was all into it, you
better believe my concentration was too intense!

Yes, Karen's hair is taking off big time!

brunsli said...

I noticed your determination faces right away too!

WOW -- you did your own hair on 6 hours? Bravissima!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

LOL!!!!! Yes, can you believe it??? That's really
not that good though, my consultant only takes 1 1/2
hours. I guess I'll get better as time passes. I
LOVE this retightening stuff!!!

Leighann said...

Great post! You do look intense, but happy. I LOVE retightening my locks. I'm in my head all the time looking for ones I've missed. Six hours is GREAT. And you'll get even faster over time.


Maryee said...

I'm retightening mine right now while I read posts. You'll love the flexibility and convenience of doing it yourself. Six hours is stellar!!

Anonymous said...

Having not taken the retightening class yet, I am intrigued to know what the piece of board and string you'all are hold in is amd how does one long pattern differ from another?


Creyole said...

Hi Nani,
The board is what is provided by the Sisterlock Consultant as a practice hair piece. This is not something that you get to keep, it is only provided to help learn each of the patterns. The patterns only differ in texture not lenght. 3,4 Reverse 4 etc.

All of this information will be provided by the consultant in a step by step manner to assist in correctly retightening your hair.

Hope this helps answer your questions and thanks for stopping by.