Friday, December 09, 2005

Retightening Class

Posted by Picasa Karen and I arrived at Gigi's Salon with bells on and anxious to learn the Sisterlock® "retightening" technique. Due to the ice storm on Thursday BlaqKofi had to work and could not make it....bah humbug! We missed you girl!

Gigi got right into the guidelines of the contract and she made it very clear that we could only retighten our own hair. Contract was signed and off we went. Oh boy, I couldn't wait to get started! Gigi is pictured above showing us our SL pattern and the technique using the yarn board and the hook tool. Ok, our turn......


Maryee said...

Gigi is sooooo wonderful, patient, gifted and talented. You couldn't have gotten a better trainer. Thanks for sharing!!


BlaqKofi said...

I missed being with you and Karen also, LaChanda. But I'm so proud of you guys! You know I won't be far behind you.

Peace & Blessings