Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Big Cut, Fresh Look and AA Men

Yep, I did it!! Christmas Day is soon approaching and I wanted and desperately needed myself a new look for the holidays. One of the pictures I took last week showed my hair looking wild and loose on the ends, I just could not take it any more, Gigi had an opening this week and I told her what I wanted and grabbed the appointment.

I arrived and we greeted each other, but honestly I did not know what to expect once I sat in the chair. This I did know, I wanted "my fresh look!" Gigi probably saw the gaze in my eyes as she picked up the scissors and headed towards my Sisterlocks. She looked at me and said, ”breathe, it’s going to be alright”, then showed me what needed to “be gone.” In some places one inch was taken off and other places two inches. It was a heart breaker after the first cut then it was smooth sailing thereafter. As she carefully measured, groomed and cut the excess unlocked natural ends (my curly Q’s) I could actually see each individual lock come into existence. It was like a new birth all over again!

The grooming session took two hours and when Gigi was done, I looked in the mirror and could hear each one of my seven month old locks singing, “Hang all the mistletoe, I’m going to get to know you better, This Christmas", by the great Donny Hathaway. I was so excited I began jumping up and down in the salon and could not stop grinning. My head actually felt and looked locked, I can only assume that the experience was close to others cutting off their permed ends.

When I arrived home, I intentionally did not say anything to my DH (darling husband) to see if he would notice. He looked at me and said “what did you do, that looks nice?” I was surprised because he usually says he can’t tell any difference in my hair after my retightening appts., but this appt was different. I got my "fresh look!" Thank you DH for loving me and my natural hair!! It’s funny because, he’s always calling me throughout the week and asking for my blog address to share with others he comes in contact with.

Lately, Ive been hearing/reading about AA men that do not appreciate our natural hair. Well, my husband and I have been married 15 years and he has been through "all" of my hair drama. I can certainly say that this is one man that proudly sports me around and loves taking over conversations when we are in the company of folks questioning me about my natural hair/locs. I often have to calm him down so that he does not offend our sista's still sporting hair crack, including my family, no, especially my family! Unfortunatley, AA men as we were at one time conditioned to believe that straight is best (ya'll know the story) and we all know that is far from the truth because most of us were not created that way. There is hope for our AA brothers and all it takes is education, communication, love, and patience. When my DH read "No Lye" he went into straight up rebellion as I did and from there on it was history in the making. "Stay strong" and continue to love AA man through the process!! This picture was taken by our son, thanks baby boy!

I certainly got much more than I expected and I am looking forward to my Sisterlock journey without my Curley Q’s. THANKS GIGI!!!!!


Maryee said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!! You making me wanna go and drive to Euless to get Gigi to cut my hair!! Just lovely LaChanda! Bigups to your DH defending the "cause"! I'm encouraged!!

brunsli said...

Thanks for sharing your haircut experience. You make me want to get a haircut too! Your DH sounds wonderful and I love your family portrait.

Jena Evans said...

Ab-so-lute-ly Stunning!

You go girl!!!



Vee said...

WOW! I love the cut and shape it looks great!

Beautiful family, you are so blessed!

Tra said...

This is such a beautiful post. The "fresh look" is indeed FUNKY and totally looks like locs now. I am too impressed. I am pretty sure that I will do a cut before I hit my 1 year mark.

As for DH girl that is dynamite you and AllyH2O keep posting those good things about our AA men because honey I need to read about it. After my vent yesterday it is encouraging to know that the support is picking up.

On a funny note girl I would love to hear some of the things your man has said to the addicts...I bet you have to keep from laughing sometimes.

Detra said...

How did I miss this post?? OMG I'm slippin! LOL....I AM SPEECHLESS! Gurl, Gurl....I didn't think you could improve perfection, but you did with that hair cut! WOW...I am so proud, of you! I cant wait to see it in person! CONGRATS on the new look...its WONDERFUL! Bigups to the Hubby for all that beautiful support!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Detra,Brusli, TRA, Jen, Maryee & Vee,
I certainly appreciate your kinds words regarding my cut and family. This whole Sisterlock thing is taking me to levels I never expected. I truly "feel" blessed!

Merry Christmas to you all!

lashaune said...

laChanda your sl's are so cute i love them you hang in there it will be get better but I can tell a difference with your curly q's Happy Holidays!

kemicutie said...

Your haircut is fabulous! It really makes a difference and yeah they do look like locks now. :)

I'm so happy to hear your husband is giving you that support even to the tune of getting on our cracked out sister's cases when they try to question you. I love that. My sister's husband is very supportive of her locks as well and they have decided that they will lock their new baby girl's hair when she gets old enough (I volunteered to give up some $$$ for sisterlocks!)! I'm happy to hear that there are so many AA men in support of their women keeping it real and natural. It's inspiring. :)

NaturalyFree said...

I love the cut. I am wondering is that what I need to do. On some of my locs, I have about 3 inches that are loose and not even thinking about locking. I am so tired of the fuzzy look myself. I don't have enough length to cut a cut though so I'll hang in there. This was a great present to yourself. Oh, you are so blessed and have such a beautiful family, I am so glad that you know it too. 15 years is a long time, keep doing whatcha been doing.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


Ruth said...

I do agree with you that it just takes education, communication, love, and patience to enlighten a brother (or anyone else for that fact)! Hope you and your hubby enjoy many more happy years.

Hair looks FAB by the way!!!

andrea said...

Okay..just lovey. I felt the same way when i cut mine ends off...freedom!!

by thw way, what a handsome family, and i love the pic of the kids.

Myte1 (andrea)

Naturalist1 said...

Great pic. I like the new hairdo.

quiet storm said...

LaChanda !
Your hair looks fab!!! and Your blog is like skinking my 'teeth' into a good novel!!!

Thanks Kerry (sisterlocked 1 month)

coco_btrfly said...

OOOOOHHHHH - SL envy over here! Your hair looks awesome! Congrats!!!

Leighann said...

Well don't you look happy and proud of yourself!!! It took me ages to get up the courage to let someone take scissors to my locks. But like you, I was really happy when it was done!

While it's not mandatory, it is sooo nice to have your partner support you. That is a true blessing.


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

My sisterlock sistahs, thanks for your awesome support and words of kindness. Let's continue the Love for one another!!


Chi-chi said...

Hey LaChanda

I have to give you props for courage. It would be hard for to let scissors near my cury coils, but mine are still forming. I guess when they gotta go, they gotta go! Your hair looks great, really funky!

Stay Blessed

KDL said...

Happy Holidays Lachanda,

Your hair looks absolutely stunning. Reminds me of cutting the relaxed ends at 10 months. It only gets better from here.

You grow girl :-)!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Chi Chi & Katika,
Thanks girls, I'm ready for the real lock look and although this was a challenge I survived. lol!

Peace & Blessings,

bevailcry said...


Your cut looks great, and so do you. It's a blessing and a beautiful thing when your mate loves your hair as much as you.

Blessings to you,

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Oh yes, what a blessing it is! Thanks!!!

Jazzilocs said...

Girl u are working that cut!!! You look really beautiful :)


Very pretty is all that I need to say.