Thursday, December 01, 2005

Locks Starting to Bud

Happy Holidays everyone!!!
This is another favorite time of the year for me and after six months I can finally feel the locks in the back of my head getting really "puffy!" YEAH!! Not much difference in length and my locks have actually gotten somewhat shorter because of the bunching that's going on. I'm sure my locks are starting to blossom into the "teenage" stage and it's all a matter of time before they will be completely locked. They feel like small rope like braids and I love how the ends are sealing. Most of my curly’s in the back are completely gone, but still exist in the front of my head. (Click on each picture to get a closer look) Top left shows initial install six months ago and bottom left shows what they look like today.

I've picked up my "A Tapestry of Dreams" The Sisterlock Book by Dr. Cornwell and started reading it.....again. If you don't already have this book, you "must" order it. It's a great table topper and all of my visitors seem to gravitate to it and thumb through the pages, it never fails..... someone will always want to know more about Sisterlocks.

I'm "so digging" this transitional stage and I'm sure I have developed Symptom #1 (hanzenthehairtis) of the Sisterlocks Disease listed in the book. "This symptom is marked by a pronounced inclination of one or both of the hands to gravitate uncontrollably toward the locks. The onset of this symptom is governed by time of day or physical location and in fact has been reported in settings as diverse as board rooms, kitchens, restaurants and athletic fields. Researchers have hypothesized that the cause may be due to an independent gravitational field generated for some unknown reason around the head area of the Sisterlocks wearer." This describes me to a "T" and you can read about the other Symptoms listed in the book, they are so funny...and true!

The majority of my locks are definitely budding and starting to feel like real locks. It's very fascinating because my hair in the back is so thick and dense I believe my hair is locking at two different speeds. The front and sides are much softer and not much budding is occuring and bunching is more prevalent in the back than any other area.

If you look real close you can also see the frizzes have not yet gone away. I’m continuing to be encouraged as I’ve learned from my fellow bloggers and LockItUp group....the frizzes will eventually go away….. but much patience is required. I’m in for the long haul however, I must admit, I’ve been entertaining the thought of using some of the soft locking creams to speed up the process. I know that if I ever used creams or oils my consultant would probably work me over real good. So, I dismiss the thought real quick.
I’m back to free styling for a while just so I don’t over do it with my Caruso Curlers. Those things are really addictive in helping me create a cute soft curl... too much of anything is never good. Therefore, I’m waiting and will use them every other week instead of every other day.

This photo shows how my side locks are longer than the locks in the back, I think it's because they are not bunching and as I stated earlier they are much softer and the curl pattern is not at tight as the back. Oh well, since the back tends to grow faster, hopefully they'll catch up.... Thanks for checking in on me, this weekend is our 2nd DFW Brunch I'll be posting pictures next week.

Holler at me!

Upcoming Events:
December 4th - 2nd DFW Sisterlock Brunch
December 9th - Retightening Class (BlaqKofi & Karen, I'm ready my sista's. Since we're all taking the class together it should be interesting and fun! I hope I can get the hang of this retightening technique.


Tra's Microbraidlocks said...

WOW look at your babies grow! I am so ready to find a bud (LOL)! The back of your hair definitely looks like locks!

Detra said... HAVE LOCKS! LOL...this is so neat to see the tranformation from 6 mos ago. Your pics really validate that locking is a process. Thanks for sharing!

BlaqKofi said...

LaChanda, you are lockin' gurl! The back really looks like locks. Congrats on your six month progress. Looking forward to taking a closer look at your locks this Sunday.


brunsli said...

I hate to join a trend, but I have to in this case -- your hair is looking great.

The back of my hair locked faster, and the sides are less locked and longer too. I think this might be from a combination of a looser hair curl on the sides, and that my locks in the back are larger. Do you have the same?

So sorry I'll miss you all this weekend!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Detra & Tra & BlaqKofi,
Thanks for the compliments and I so looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Amazing! Yes, I have the exact same thing. My locks started out longer and thinner, now they are bulky and shorter but I really like the transition. I had no idea they would lock so fast in the back while my sides are just taking their sweet time. Funny huh?

Oh don't worry we'll post so many pictures it will be as if your were there. One day we'll all get together.

NaturalyFree said...

Freestyling or Caruso curling, your locks are beautiful. I love that you were able to start with this length. Although more expensive initially, it makes the transition so much easier due to shrikage and the like. Anyhow, you'll do just fine in the retighten class and you really will have hanzenthehairtis :->. I love that book and show it to all of my clients and they love it too. I'm sure you'll keep us posted on all of the upcoming events, have fun!

andrea said...

gurl what can i say other than my hair looked the same at that mark..and i'm loving every minute of my 1 year old locks.

man...i love it...looking good L !!

Jeri said...

Lookin' good, Sis. LaChanda. Watch out for the next disease, whitegirlatoma. It's sure to be next :).

Anonymous said...


Just wonderful locks. Looking forward to seeing the growth live and in person.