Thursday, October 05, 2006

State Fair of Texas is here!

It's fair time and here we are enjoying the parade in downtown Dallas.

Ummmmm, how I killed myself eating the roasted corn (w/butter & lemon/pepper seasoning) and funnel cakes.

My favorite exhibit this year was the Vita-Mix blender. Our family makes smoothies on a daily basis, we buy a blender once a year and I still could not convince Beignet to spend $479.00 on this wonderful machine. Maybe I'll find one on ebay. lol Posted by Picasa


Tra said...

LOL 479.00 for a blender huh...yeah you better hop on ebay sis (lol).

You are looking good and I see you are sporting your hair tie!

Chi-chi said...

ouch! I just blew out my blender and I was starting to think it was something I did. $480 is a lot for a blender, will it last forever?

Detra said...

ditta look GREAT and look to be having a GREAT time!

Valenciajaz said...

Girl, does everybody in your family have an edible name? Thanks for the pictures. I just moved to Maryland and your pictures brought me a little taste from home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lachanda,

My hubby and I went to the Fair last year and actually bought one of these blenders. The actual price was $399.99 then. It was well worth the money. We make homemade soups and a whole abundance of frozen drinks with this thing. We tried peanut butter, but it just did not work.
I don't know if you know , but this is the actual blender they use at Smoothie King and Jamba Juice.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

yep, and I'm still working on mine!

I know it is awesome and I'm still working on him. Now I have I Vita-Mix envy instead of loc envy! lol!

AllyH2O said...

Lachanda I looooooove my Vita-Mix. My mom looked at me sideways when I ordered my $400.00 blender, but I love smoothies. And the same year I bought it, I had already blown out three cheapies. I've had it for two years and it performs like a champ. It's a good investment if yu can convince Beignet. It's cheaper if you order it, if I'm not mistaken.
I need to hit the state fair. Looks like a blast.